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100% CPU constantly in use.. why?

Hello, i just put in a new network card (an internal one) in relation to another issue i was having with an external one. When i load up my system, it completely slows down and eventually after sometime i am able to open up taskmanager to see what processes are running and i notice that svchost.exe is using almost 70%+ CPU plus the help of services making it to 100% leaving my system to grind to a holt to load anything up. I barely even managed to open up this IE window :confused:

Whats up with my pc? what can i do to stop this from happening? is it the new network card? Is svchost.exe relevant, its to do with network isnt it? why do i need so many of them? (5)

Please help, my system is really annoying me these days:mad:

Thank you for all your time and help

Alex :cool:


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Hmm I really don't know, but this is my knowledge:

svchost.exe is network, it has something to do with the network, very important to do, and yes, it is from your network card. Someone else should be able to tell you how to fix it...



when you put the new one in did you uninstall the external ?? what it could be doing is using both of them .. Or trying to anyhow ..
when i try to remove the external ones.. it comes up with "unable to remove drivers, these may be used to boot up windows"... how can i prevent this from comming up and just remove them instead? :confused:

thank you for your help guys :)

Alex :cool:
ok.. i finally managed to get it sorted by reinstalling the external card and uninstalling it again. it left one driver but i couldnt remove it because it was named #2 at the end.. obviously the driver installed its self twice or something to it like that but at the beginning its a slow start still kinda from what it used to be like. However, the CPU is on about 2% now just like normal. so it looks ok now. Thank you everyone for your help and time

Mostly Appreciated

Alex :cool:


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I'd say shoddy drivers. Make sure all your network drivers are running the latest stable version downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

I had the same problem a while ago with some bit of new hardware I put in (soundcard i think it was) and the drivers sent my CPU usage to 100% constantly. I just updated the drivers through windows update and all was well.

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