$100 360s on Nov 23 11AM PT at Amazon (Only 1000)!

Re: $100 360s on Nov 22 11AM PT at Amazon (Only 1000)!

Wow, I'm all over that

Maybe :eek:


It also goes on sale the 23rd, I have fixed the Thread title
Oh Absolutely :)
100 dollars for a Halo3 machine, it is well worth it.
Lets see, 11AM is 2 PM EST.
So like, I can buy it at 11:00:01 AM PST?

Oh but thats not a done deal, people can vote for Barbie... Or the stupid bike.
And why did they need to make it ThanksGiving :( I might be busy at 2:00 on thanksgiving.

Edit: Oh hahaha, I didnt realize the XBOX360 was winning at over 80% :)
Hope im not busy at 2PM.
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I'll have money by then too :)

I am gonna try hehe

So when its time I just go and buy a 360 like any other time I would by something on Amazon but the price will be $100? Or is there more to it?
Pretty sure after that time, when the 1000 are gone, back to normal pricing.
Yes, Tittles, i think it will just be a lower price, but youll have to be right on the money, or it will get missed out upon.
I'm all over it. 11am 11am 11am... :D
I wish I could do it but I will be away at thanksgiving dinners
Yes as will I :(
Will have to see if friend can do it.
Or see if i can do it from Granny's house.
She has Cable internet but the PC is easily 6 years old :eek:


Some more Information:

How to Get Amazon Customers Vote Deals

Each week's winner goes on sale Thursdays at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. Buying will close when available quantities have sold out. Be online, ready and waiting on Amazon.com, the second buying goes live. If you don't have an Amazon.com account already, get one now. We predict that these deals will sell out rapidly.

You won't buy products from Amazon Customers Vote the way you'd ordinarily buy at Amazon.com. We've implemented a special series of screens to ensure we only take as many orders as we can fulfill, and to ensure that each customer buys only one item. You'll be asked to verify your identity, and issued one of a limited number of claim codes that allow you to purchase at the special discounted price.

You must buy via the Amazon Customers Vote page (amazon.com/customers-vote), not the product detail page, in order to buy one of the set-aside items; otherwise, you will not pass through the series of screens in which we issue the claim code, and you will not receive the discount.

Additionally, only items shipped from and sold by Amazon.com are included in this promotion, although some of these items are sold on our site by third-party merchants. If you add an item to your cart from the detail page using the "Add to Shopping Cart" button for a different merchant (such as Target), we cannot apply the claim code to your order.

Link to source, with pics: http://www.amazon.com/gp/holiday.ht.../104-7367279-1151100?ie=UTF8&id=cv/buyingtips
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^^^ I bet a ton of people will mess that up and get mad :D
I am gonna just tell my mom I will drive where we have to go for thanksgiving so I can get the $100 360 :)
Im sure my parents will want to drive me, its 2 hours away so...
you know it makes me wonder how it is that people go gaga over these console units. Have you heard what happened to some folks with the PS3 lines and the wait? Some people have been killed and robbed for waiting in line 40 hours+. Its messed up what these companies due with supply when so many people are demanding it. Well not so much for the XBOX 360 not that its well established into the fabric of gamers lives.

Dont flame me im not a console gamer I enjoy my computer as much as you guys enjoy your console gaming but crashing the Amazon.com site wont be something I wont be doing..........but im willing to watch it go down!!!


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