10.26.06 - Help with C:


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7 Jun 2006
i just did a fresh install of xp home on a hp with a media card reader

well for some reason it designated one of the removeable media's as C:

and made my main hard drive H:

how can i switch this.... i try to install things and it says i must be logged in as administrator to do this... when in fact, i AM the admin - with only 1 account

plz help
Re: 10.26.07 - Help with C:

Have you looked into disk management?

Right click on my computer, select manage, expand the storage group and click on disk management. You should see a list of all drives, right click on a drive and choose the change drive letters option. You'll have to change the removable drive from C: to whatever first since you can't have two of the same letter.
Re: 10.26.07 - Help with C:

yea i tried that ..... thanks though

i just disconnected the media drive and im reinstalling xp now....

thanks though!
Re: 10.26.07 - Help with C:

You can't really change the boot drive letter, you can try but I've seen varying levels of success, by the time you are said and done, it is quicker to reinstall.
Re: 10.26.07 - Help with C:

According to MS you cannot change the root HD, mainly because so much points to in within the windows structure, personally i would just reinstall and if possible disable the media reader in the bios or disconnect is physically first.
yea im all good now... just disconnected the reader.... and re-installed - all is well - thanks for the replies guys!!

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