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I`m currently running windows xp pro on my machine and 98se on my girlfriends both linked with a cross-over-cable (no hub) and two identical 10/100 NIC cards.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the connection and i`m happily using proxy software to share a (56k modem) internet connection over the lan, the time it takes when I send a file to a shared folder seems long for a network supposidly connected at 100mbs (which a presume is 100 mega BITS per second)

A typical example was when I transfered my maps for the quake3 mod "urban terror" over to the 98se machine lastnight. A 180mb zip file took nearly 4 mins to travel along 5 meters of cable.

I`ve not messed with my network settings in xp much, apart from setting my IP address for it manually, So I have yet to mess with the QOS packet thingy either.

Should I be setting my NICs to 100 full duplex or something rather than Auto or is the bandwidth i`m getting just Atypical and normal for a 100mbs network?
I also wondered this as i have a Fast ethernet 100Mb/sec

I get about 150MB/minutes 2K to XP , about 4 mins to move a whole CD , there must be a bottleneck somewhere in XP
Network speeds depend on a lot of factors. The quality of the NIC, the quality of the cables, the proximity to devices that can cause magnetic interference with the cable. Unless your wiring is immacuate and meets every data wiring standard/code, your network will rarely run at its full rated speed.

I am having exactly the same kind of through put problems after my upgrade to XP. When I installed XP, I opted to do a dual boot configuration so I still have Win98SE available.

When I transfer files over my 10/100 network from XP I get a transfer speed of about 2 MB/s but if I boot into Win98SE and do the same transfer again I get speeds of 4-5 MB/s.

Please note, that the transfers are done using exactly the same network hardware and wiring. This leads me to believe that it is something in XP itself that is causing the slower transfer speeds.

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