$1 Streaming Movies !



Hahahahaha Excellent article guys ......... i just finished downloading one to watch tonight ... $1 LOL

This has to be the BEST website ever :)

I try not to visit the site every few hours , but i just cant help it , in case i miss something .... me missus goes nuts

Least shes got a movie to watch tonight :p
What did you select?
Or do they have pr0n too, and I shouldn't ask :D
just think with the ASF recorder you could create your own virtual movie collection and with the right media even a real library
ASFrecorder is great ... when your at work and have a nice FAT bandwith pipe , download webcasts etc, put them on CD then watch them on the way home on the laptop :)

Plus you dont get the buffering etc either which makes a better watching pleasure

URL Snooper :
It finds the urls of hidden streams, solving the problem of capturing media streams. It checks your temp folder, automatically opens files, looks for the proper urls, and collects them into a separate window. It then allows you to drag the url links into Streambox VCR. This is an excellent Streambox VCR "add-on" for finding those media streams that are elusive!

Note : not compatible with XP :(

save the stream

anyone know how actually to save the stream they are showing?because I can't capture it, and I can not find it in my internet temp files? How did you save your stream?

I have streambox vcr loaded and have the MIME function under the capture tab enabled. It will not catch the click on the movie start. The url that gives the bandwidth and catalog number for the video will not work as a cut and paste.
Asf recorder won't record a real media format, and url snoop wont work in XP. So, how are you capturing the stream?
Need to know, badly!
real video

I have streambox, and 2 or 3 tutorials. They all indicate either getting the url, or using the interceptor capture function. I have messed about for a couple of hours trying to find a good url for the movie I rented. I finally used my laptop (win2k) to url snoop it, find a good file name/url, and run steambox on it. No go. I think it movie88 has something new protecting the log in.
Zman stated that he downloaded a stream. I would like to know how he did it. With streambox, it certainly isn't straight forward.
I have a retail version of real producer. I may have to load it up and try it. Does anyone else have any ideas?
I did exactly the same with URL snooper , but it wont work on the movie we just rented ..

They may have changed something when they saw the News Story on the front page here, as it was very easy the other night ..

Im looking for more tools at the moment .

rm URL

I have also been trying to get a hold of the .rm URLS. Today I tried it at my office which uses a firewall which partly blocks realone player.

So when requesting a movie I was hoping to get the URL as error message. So far so good.

I tried to get the URLS of two different movies to compare them:

Species II:
and free movie

(The "300" in the URL stands for the chosen bandwith - I checked that with trying to download a 100K streaming movie)

Well as you can see the are both the same :( It looks like some sort of encryption. I have not yet tried to download them with streambox, but I suspect that it will not work and that the URL will be the same one as ROBOWANG found :(

There must be some authentication scheme in place so I think you will only be able to download the movie URL when your are logged in to the site/ To that extend the URL only does not seem hopefull......

I'm a bit dry on Idears now and good not find any info on the web Someone else maybe?
Well i am having troubling just geting the .rm files when i pay the 1 dollar for the movie. So I am wondering how I go about downloading the movie if I pay the dollar and am a member. Can someone help me? I don't mind paying a dollar for a full movie if I can dl it and keep it.

i watched about 15 seconds of it and shut it off. horrible quality =p

- cam
Yes you need to download them, as they are in Taiwan = a long way away from my home...

I have searched for hours to work it out , TerminalX is right its encrypted somehow....

Well im going to get this worked out !

will let you know guys
I just recieved this email from movie88 (I must add ive never used their service) :

----- Original Message -----
From: <movie88@hongkong.com>
To: <waddy@xp-erience.org>
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 6:41 PM
Subject: movie88 was shut down without notice!!!

> We have been shut down without notice!!!
> At about 4pm (Eastern Time), all our servers have been shut down by our
ISP, Hinet of Taiwan without notice.
> This is outrageous, a breach of the ISP professional conduct and nature
law. This is quivalent to execution without trail and an absolute abuse by
the ISP!
> As result, thousands of registered users who have paid some money to rent
movies are stranded. Movie88.com cannot be accessed at all.
> We have never been approached by any authorities in Taiwan and have never
received any court documents.
> We are now doing whatever we can to restore our access and protest against
the outrageous act of Hinet.
> We have given notice to Hinet to restore our access but the same has
refused to do so.
> This must not be a precedent. Even if there are issues about our content,
we must be given a fair trial. Our registered users must not be made to
> We call upon all website owners to protest against this outstrageous
conduct of an ISP and fight for the basic and fundamental rights of a
Website owner.
> Movie88
> ----------------------------------------------
> Åwªï¨Ï¥ÎHongKong.com¶l¥ó¨t²Î
> Thank you for using hongkong.com Email system
> ----------------------------------------------
> \305w\252\357\250\317\245\316 hongkon.com
> Thank you for using hongkong.com Email system

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