$1.5 million+ worth of 360s stolen in British robbery


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3 Feb 2002
A lorry, containing £750,000 worth of Xbox 360s, has been hijacked by thieves near a depot in Staffordshire.

The robbery, no doubt inspired by the oncoming Christmas rush, is the second in a week. A trailer containing £260,000 worth of 360s was stolen at a depot owned by the same firm - Hellman Worldwide Logistics around a week ago. At the moment police are treating the two incidents as separate.

In the most recent incident thieves managed to convince the lorry driver that something was caught under his wheels. Upon pulling over he was taken from the driving seat, beaten and left on the side of the A38 at 5am on Monday morning. The gang, who were initially driving a Range Rover and Rover Saloon then dumped the lorry, obviously minus the gaming consoles.

Peter Stevens, spokesman for the Staffordshire Police made a call for witnesses to step forward:

"We are appealing for information from anyone who is offered these games in suspicious circumstances, such as in a pub, at a car boot sale or off the back of a lorry.”

Our advice to the Staffordshire police is to start looking on eBay, or better yet, the queues of people waiting for a Wii come December 8th! Allegedly the thieves also stole £750,000 worth of Playstation 3's - they walked away with 10 consoles.


Modern day Robin Hood? :eek:
Read this last night. Who made up the last line? lol :p
Guess I'm hopping on a plane to the UK and heading to bars :p
That is funny ... I am confused as to how 10 consoles could equal that much as well ..
I imagine there'll be a quite a few men with dogs having meetings
Could £750k buy you 10 ps3's? Only if they're on special! :p

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