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1.2TB USB Drive idea

Ok i have an idea and i dont see why it woudlent work but before i invest the money i want some opinion to make it better or stop me from messing up.

I have this cobalt cube case 7 1/2 inches L,W,H,

totaly striped the inside but i want to make it into a storage box.

4 port powered USB 2.0 HUB
Mini PSU in top,
4 300GB IDE Drives in it
4 IDE to USB adaptors,

make a mount for inside the cube for the hard drives and the PSU.
attach all 8 USB to IDE converters to the drives.
power the drives and plug all into USB hub.
USB hub into PC to see 4 hard Drives

would this work?????
any ideas or sugestions or anything is greatly appreciated


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Don't spend the money on it. Just patent the idea and then sue however tries it. It worked for NTP and that small company that sued M$.


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bad idea - turn it into a server instead - costs about the same (?) useability - a great deal better... though I appreciate you may wish to move it about - you could do this with a server anyway...

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