007:Nightfire Demo - Verdicts?




I d/l'd 007:nightfire demo last night, and it is graphically quite good. Plays well too. Only two gripes, you can shoot enemies several times before they react. Also ai not very good at all.

I know this is a demo, and hopefully these small problems will be fixed for the release version.

What do you think of it?

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Graphically; I'v seen much better games. Plays like ****. Peformance is horrible; and my rig is more then sufficient to run this game. A few glitches here and there.

Can't believe they released this " demo " it feels more like a first beta version; not even second revision beta or anything. "

Ew. That demo SUCKED :(


Yes this is a horrible game, from the demo :(

The gameplay sucks and graphics aren't really THAT great...


Am I the only one who likes this game? Can no one else remember the days and nights spent in front of their N64 with 3 friends playing Goldeneye, and wishing for something similar on the PC?

Take unreal 2k3 for example - graphics excellent, gameplay pretty good, but the weapons? Useless. Complete ****!

If the bugs are fixed in the release version, I will buy this game. (I hope for EA's sake that I'm not the only one!)

Someone else must like it?
I have not found a good link for Download accelerator yet!
so I downloaded Lord Of The Ring instead..I loved the game!
gamespot rated it 5/10! I give it 7.
Posted by whiteboyhatcher
Am I the only one who likes this game? Can no one else remember the days and nights spent in front of their N64 with 3 friends playing Goldeneye, and wishing for something similar on the PC?
Someone else must like it?
I don't like it. However;

I remember very well; the nights; days; and the stuff in between that, spent playing Goldeneye. Then once beat; doing the levels for time and the cheats. I had gotten most everything; and then that Nintendo Power magazine introduced button codes. Was that a while ago.

Now I don't have any of my systems; only the computer.

But dude; Goldeneye ruled! An excellent game made by Rare.

da rock

very dissapointed in ea games for releasing a pile of garbage like
this even if it's only a demo!


OK, we know the ai sucks. But just maybe the multiplayer is like those fargone days remembering the n64!!!

After all, it is only a DEMO!

(You must think I own ea or something. I don't. I just beleive that this game deserves a chance.)


The James Bond demo feels and plays like a poor half-life mod.
I was going to buy this but I think I will buy splinter cell instead


The things I LIKE about this game:

1.Enemies are people, not stupid looking aliens (The example is halo on Xbox, a good game completely spoiled by the crap enemies) Especially the gay small ones.

2.You get to be 007 man. James Bond. Every kid wanted to be him.

3.weapons. Real guns, not phase plasma rifles with 40 watt range! In my opinion, a game with phasers, lasers and quasers is the same as all the other games with these weapons. (There are some exceptions, of course!)

What I HATE about this game.

1.AI. Shoot an enemy and the bloke next to hime just stands there completely oblivious. Take a tip from Op Flahpoint - best ai ever!

2.Collision detection. When I shoot an enemy, I like him to fall dow, or at least show some signs of being hurt, not just stand there and look at me.

3.Graphics at some points - bullet holes in walls etc look s**t.

Thats about it. What do you guys Hate/like or in most posts in this thread hate/hate!

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