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  1. Heeter

    nlite for Windows 7?

    Hi all, Is there an application for Windows 7 that will do what nlite was for XP? Thanks Heeter
  2. Heeter

    multiple folder uploads in Chrome for Docs?

    Hi all, I am a regular user of firefox/GDocs. With the install of a java applet, I can highlight and upload multiple folders/subfolders/files at the same time onto GDocs. I am trying the same thing with GChrome, but I can only upload one folder at a time. Is it me or am I missing something...
  3. Heeter

    Console ports wave of future?

    Hi all, Went and spent a great deal of cash for a crossfire/motherboard/ram last november. Expecting to play games @DX11. Crysis2 shows up, and its a flipping port-over from 5 or 6 year old consoles. They didn't even bother to remove the "Press Start" at the beginning. You gotta be kidding...
  4. Heeter

    can ftp tell me how much room is left on server?

    Hi all, Can I get an ftp client to tell me how much storage space is left on an FTP server? I presently can remote desktop into the FTP server and check the drive listed, but I would like my ftp clients to be able to tell how much room is left themselves, without asking me. I presently use...
  5. Heeter

    Crysis 2 on Steam??

    Hi all, I cannot find on steam anywhere that crysis2 will be available on release date March23, 2011. Wouldn't mind pre-ordering it on steam. I would rather purchase through Steam than a hard copy. Thanks Heeter
  6. Heeter

    Server 2003 upper HD limit question

    Hi all, What is the upper limit of disc storage in Windows Server 2003? I recently tested 2TB HD for WindowsXP and found that 2TB is the upper limit per volume. When I raided them together (JBOD), the BIOS recognized the new volume, but not XP. I will be forced to change to server2003 if the...
  7. Heeter

    block internet, except for a few domains

    Hi all, I am wondering how is the best way to block off the entire internet, except for a couple of domains. This particular desktop (Windows XP Pro) will be located in the subcontractor office and the boss is asking to restrict their internet access to only a handful of domains (about 6...
  8. Heeter

    JBOD RAID question

    Hi all, If I was to lose a drive in a 4 drive, JBOD RAID setup, would the other 3 drives still retain the data on them? Or would the JBOD collapse entirely like a RAID0 and lose all data? Thanks Heeter
  9. Heeter

    Where to download Chrome OS from?

    Hi all, Where can I get the latest .iso for Google chrome OS? Can't find a good download link. Thanks Heeter
  10. Heeter

    google chrome not working with msn

    Hi all, I am trying to open my hotmail with google chrome, but chrome crashes. I tried to open, but chrome crashes. Then I disabled all my extensions, tried to open hotmail, and chrome crashes. I cleared everything for cookies, passwords, history, cache, then tried to open...
  11. Heeter

    Proper offsite backup setup needed.

    Hi all, Using a WinServer2008 server, with a virtual environment within it, I am faced with trying to figure out the best way to do daily & offsite backups with this mission critical dual Mysql setups. The total size of the C:/ drive is now approx 65gigs. It is the only server in the...
  12. Heeter

    Apache server running slow in Virtualbox

    Hi all, I have this Winserver2008 tower here as an Email/File server. I created a virtual XP Pro with an apache/php/Mysql setup on it. I put the corporate website on it as well as the corporate php database to be accessed by about 10 employees concurrently. Maneuvering through the website...
  13. Heeter

    2 remote desktop machines behind 1 router

    Hi all, I have 2 machines behind 1 router that I would like to remote desktop. Each machine has it's own IP address, and I will port forward them in the router later. My question is: When I open RDP from my win7 machine, how can I decipher which machine I would like to remote desktop? 1 is a...
  14. Heeter

    mkv 2 avi/mpeg2 converter needed

    Hi all, Does someone know of freeware to convert mkv files to a file format that my ps3 plays? I have three video files that I would like to convert and retain the 5 channel audio, without purchasing software, or dealing with watermarks on the video. Thanks Heeter
  15. Heeter

    How did Google dig itself into my life?

    Hi all, It is not much of a question, but more of a query. I didn't realize how much google has become part of my life until I bought 20gig of google storage space from google for $5/year just a few minutes ago, because I want to upload the rest of my life onto a google server somewhere...
  16. Heeter

    Does Steam Game stop working when no internet?

    Hi all, I am wondering, If I am playing a game off steam, and during gameplay, I lose my internet connection, does the game quit working? Thanks Heeter
  17. Heeter

    One PC, two networks question

    Hi all, I have one XP workstation here. It is not connected to the Active Directory network here in the office. It has it's own modem and router to the outside world. I would like to add another network card to it, issue an IP address from the network DHCP so it can browse a few network...
  18. Heeter

    Cooling ideas needed

    Hi all, I got a crossfire setup that is in a very generic case (Specs in sig below). I didn't think that I would run into this, but my vid cards are getting really hot. They idle at 50C when being used normally. They are at 78C when I finish playing a game. The monitoring application that I...
  19. Heeter

    Should I open ports for Steam?

    Hi all, Just wondering, should I open ports in my firewall/router for steam? I don't run steam servers, or don't play online games. Just wondering if it's worth while. Thanks Heeter
  20. Heeter

    Skydrive offers 25Gig, What is Google doing?

    Hi all, I just noticed that my msn account, I have 25gig space called skydrive. I presently use Google, because of my android phone. I am wondering if anyone has heard if google plans on matching or beating that amount cloud space? Heeter