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    How about an updated XP for 2019?

    Paint! What about minesweeper? Maybe it can resurrect this site and we can rename it back to XP-erience
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    Fixed Aww.. no longer staff

    Awww.. thanks EP!
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    Fixed Updated Site

    Looks nicer/more modern at least.. even if I did lose being a moderator :) Nice to see the dream still lives on even if no one's here much anymore.
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    Fixed Aww.. no longer staff

    Aww.. i know it's been a while, but apparently, I'm no longer a staff member :)
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    A visual history of OSNN

    so.. what does the future hold?
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    Your Predictions?

    Maybe i've been living too long on the back-end infrastructure world, but the desktop enthusiast world doesn't seem to be nearly as big as it used to be. The world is moving to the cloud and away from desktops. Outside of gaming, I don't see a whole lot of innovation happening on anything...
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    has OSNN been abandoned?

    Wow.. it's still here.. i haven't been on in a while either..
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    Hi Everybody!

    Everybody = no one
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    Is this thing on?
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    leavng chrome, back to ie

    Will soon be Edge.. anyone (if anyone still visits) have thoughts on Microsoft Edge?
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    What was the original name of OSNN?

    I remember stopping by xp-erience WAY back in the day to find info. I don't think I registered for an account though until it was already NTFS
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    I've been demoted

    I pop in occasionally too - just as often as I once did..
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    vlan or subnetting

    Assuming you are doing this for PCI reasons (based on another post you mentioned) you probably don't want the networks able to talk to each other. Some of this also depends on what level of PCI compliance you need to reach. Just setting up subnets probably won't do what you want. If they are...
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    Consulting pay

    This all really depends on a lot of factors - location, target market, type of work being done, etc. I see some places that charge $150-$200/hour (or more) and others that go as low as $30-$50/hour around Chicago. Generally, you get what you pay for so it depends on what skill set you are...
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    Avoid kit kat for now

    I've been running a Cyanogen Mod 4.4 on my phone for the last month or two without any major issues.. OnePlus One has been running pretty well for me
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    Site moved once again

    Had all kinds of DNS issues on my end (nothing on your end) that looks like it is finally clearing up for me so I can access the site once more.
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    Wow... just.. wow..
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    Need help. Compellent SC8000 Controller.

    Compellent's aren't servers. The SC8000 are controller units for a SAN
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    mmm.... spam....
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    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    Wow.. I haven't folded in years.. the fact that I'm still #13 on the team list says something about how many other people are active.. Team 35216's contributions to Folding@home