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    SB Live! & T5400 Speakers

    not the intention to revive the thread, but i finally found a (non gamer) solution to this, install kX drivers ( with them, i have full control to every volume of each speaker, full 5.1 movies ( centre working ok, nice volume output ), center mixing right/left on music, etc...
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    Prisoner riddle...

    those riddles are nice!
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    Where to find specs on Geforce2 card

    you can always try AIDA32 or SiSoft Sandra for analizing your hardware
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    SB Live! & T5400 Speakers

    :( i bought a month ago this set of speakers, i had some normal speakers, connected through a reciever, etc but i missed the woofer, and i got this set of speakers preety cheap. Without mentioning i was kinda damaging my computer with all the magnetism the big speakers made
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    SB Live! & T5400 Speakers

    no, seems to be well plugged, since AudioHQ's speaker test works fine on 5.1 settings and maybe no card would do the left/right to center thingy, so music will just sound the same on fronts and rears. Still, its music, no need for 5.1 dolby, i've learned my lesson :D
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    SB Live! & T5400 Speakers

    i don't know how 'old' it is, the card has 5 jacks, front rear center/sub which i think that one transforms into the 'digital out' output, also it has the mic input and a line in, i just followed the color code to plug the speakers :D the reason i was asking this, if i could get constant...
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    SB Live! & T5400 Speakers

    Hi, i have a SB Live! and some Creative T5400 Speakers ( 5.1 ) So far i've managed to get DVD's and Movies ( DivX, etc ) to play well ( voices in center, etc ) but on Mp3's, all sounds go to every speaker, also the center speaker doesn't make any sound, i've used winamp 5 and wmp9 for test...
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    June 2004 Desktop Captures

    very nice thekore, but too white for me heh :eek: think about night-users :D
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    June 2004 Desktop Captures

    Hi, haven't changed mine in months, i guess im compfortable with it :cool: OS: Windows XP Pro SP1 Theme: CelShaded - Blue Background: Some Hazardous from Icons: GANT with icon packager ( made the package myself ) Other: Samurize mostly everything is hotkeyed, so i dont...
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    BeatBox Harmonica

    omg. is he making all the noises? jesus, nice one
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    all i can tell you, is to delete that file seems to have the solution good luck!
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    real annoying drivers [ati]

    thing is i can't find any NVIDIA/NV/Geforce/GF/GTS strings in the registry, nor in hdd i guess detonators are kinda hard to kill. im using the default ones from thanks erb, ill try those ones later, i'll keep you informed :)
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    real annoying drivers [ati]

    crappy nvidia, its like microsoft, cant be fully deleted, no freedom!
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    real annoying drivers [ati]

    everytime i change my nvidia to an ati card ( we swap em with a friend :) ) installing the ati drivers are a pain, i clean everything nvidia related with detonator destroyers, delete some reg keys that hang around, delete the nvidia folder on C:\, well i destroy everything nvidia related so...
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    [TUTORIAL]: iTunes (Windows) "Now Playing" script

    just to inform, samurize added winamp 5 and itunes support :) preety neat
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    What Pop-Up software are most people using now?

    Opera all the way if using internet explorer, wait for sp2, or try one of any pop up blocker around
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    All usernames lost!

    well, new year, new start, though it hurts not to find tweaks and typical solutions for problems, if a ...october 2003 backup would be available, that would be great...or something :) keep it up! edit: a darker theme would be nice also :P
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    itunes update

    yup, new in itunes, is that mini mode is under advanced menu, or CTRL+M At least it doesnt hangs up with some mp3/aac
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    November Desktops

    here's mine, nothing special
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    October Desktops

    well, im kinda late,'s mine trying to maximize space of it Here