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  1. failurbydesign

    Expanding my home network..

    I have a Netgear wireless n router with the standard 4 or 5 ports on the back. Im going to hard wire each room in my house with 1-3 cat5e ports. How can i gain more ports for the hardwired cat5 and still keep my wifi, from what i read i will need a switch? Not sure how it can work, but any...
  2. failurbydesign

    Boot Chromium....

    If i partition my hard drive, is there away to install chromium os to the partition?
  3. failurbydesign

    Gateway DX4640-UB101A Wont post....

    There are plenty of post for this when search Google, but i can seem to find a solution. So straight to the point, since the computer wont post and the indicator light just fades in and out..the hd spins and the dvd drives open close...i assumed it was the mb. So i bought a Foxconn mb from...
  4. failurbydesign

    Parental programs

    I know they are missing in windows 7, does anyone recommend any?
  5. failurbydesign

    Firefox, web pages being redirected

    What would cause this? Its the most annoying thing...
  6. failurbydesign

    Burn music to a virtual drive?

    Can this be done?
  7. failurbydesign

    Ready to upgrade..

    I have an EVGA 8800 GTS 640mb video card...i love it but it gets hot, i would like to move up and get a better card but keep a reasonable budget. Any thought?
  8. failurbydesign

    Thunderbird locked email account?

    How can this be and how can i fix this?
  9. failurbydesign

    XP Mode only 16bit?

    Why is this?
  10. failurbydesign

    Looking for a WD My book shell (No HD)

    Im looking for a WD my book case/shell, the whole setup without a hard drive...if anyone know where to get one or has one please let me know!
  11. failurbydesign

    Sharp BD-HP20U Blu Ray Player

    I have a Sharp BDHP20U Blu-Ray Player i need to get rid of, this had fell into my lap a few days ago and i dont need it since i have a ps3. I have hooked it up and watched Two Blu-Ray movies and one regular dvd movie. I updated the firmware to the latest HU9071500 (10/6/09) in order to play any...
  12. failurbydesign

    Logging in issues

    Sometimes when i go to log in, it takes forever,then instead of going to my account it pulls up a default account with nothing of mine.....any thoughts?
  13. failurbydesign

    Wd tv

    Anyone have on? Looking for some feedback, since the PS3 doesn't play MKV files and runs hot just to watch some flicks..i may get one. I know they are coming out with a WD TV 2 with an Ethernet port (maybe netflix too) soon, but idk when or if i want to wait!
  14. failurbydesign

    WMC Netflix, when to expect it?

    Windows 7 to get a better version of Netflix than Vista
  15. failurbydesign

    Microsoft Security Essentials & NOD32

    Should i have both installed? I run NOD32 and love it, but MSE seems not run very heavy and i probably wont notice it...any thoughts?
  16. failurbydesign

    FS: 1st gen 16gb ipod touch

    This iPod is in normal condition, product works 100% with NO scratches on screen, but due to the reflective back there is normal scuffs. This iPod will come with the USB cable, headphones, dock piece, and original John Lennon box with all documentation. Also i have a rubber case ill through in...
  17. failurbydesign

    Heatsink bending board?

    Im setting up a computer for my parents, nothing fancy, but i noticed that the stock Intel fan that came with the CPU snaps in, while installing i noticed the board is being pulled up on all for corners.....
  18. failurbydesign

    MBR trashed!

    I was messing around with some dual boot options (easy bcd) and after a restart bam, no windows 7! I loaded up the DVD and went to the repair options and it doesn't even show windows 7 being there...any thoughts? Here is a screen to show that windows the drive is there..
  19. failurbydesign

    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    Too bad my ps3 kicks ass (original 20gb with a 250gb in... with BC) and gets damn hot! The slimmer one is damn sexy...thoughts?
  20. failurbydesign

    Easy transition?

    My buddy is running Vista 32bit, but its showing 4gb of ram...weird. Anyways since he cant do an upgrade to W7 64bit, he wants a fresh install, though has all his info, games, and accounts. How well does the vista backup work to transfer to windows 7???