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  1. Xie

    Fixed "Top" link has gone missing

    I just noticed yesterday that the "Top" link has gone missing from the forum. Also did I miss an upgrade? Noticed some things expanded that normally aren't.
  2. Xie

    Fixed decreased spam report time

    I would like to see the amount of threads that can be reported as spam have a decrease in wait time. I got on this morning and saw like 5 or 6 spam threads and couldn't report them all as you have to wait far to long before you can report the 2nd (ect.) after the 1st. I usually have to go or...
  3. Xie

    Windows users are confused - did Mojave help?

    I just found this funny clip and I can't help but laugh at how confused Windows users have become about Windows. I don't think Microsoft did themselves any good by further confusing customers telling them they were running *yet* another version of Windows instead of Vista. KDE 4 or Windows 7? :)
  4. Xie

    Got laid-off from work :(

    I got laid off from work yesterday, so if I seem overly grumpy or whatnot it's just that (and not that I hate you). :) Anyhoo I guess that's it since you guys are like my 2nd family. :p
  5. Xie


    Is anyone here going to be playing Vanguard when it goes live January 30th? I'm currently in open beta (due to pre-order) and the game looks rather interesting from a EQ2 players perspective. They have a ton of work to due by the end of the month but this game should be good stuff when it's a...
  6. Xie

    Everquest 2 PvP

    In case anyone here cares, or would be interested. Everquest 2 launched PvP servers last night. I'm currently playing on Nagefen. Anyhoo just wanted to give everyone a heads up. ;)
  7. Xie

    10.4.1 Update

    Some of the things updated ... Ok so I just updated (you can read about it here) and I've encountered something odd. Upon reboot my trash can was full. In examining it I have the following ... (folder) Recovered files ->(folder) -> MacOSXUpdate10.4.1Patch.pkg...
  8. Xie

    DMB (Stand Up) Album

    I was just wondering how many Dave Matthews fans we have around here? I got the new CD (via iTunes) the other day and I'm really liking it. I was just wondering what other fans think? :)
  9. Xie

    Tiger and cordless keyboard

    So I noticed that since upgrading to Tiger upon boot up it prompts me telling me it doesn't know what kind of keyboard. I have to push the letter beside both shift keys and then all is good. It just seems odd this is happening as this keyboard never had such an issue with Panther. Not a huge...
  10. Xie

    FireWire HD

    Out of geekdom and the fact that my mini only has a 4200rpm HD I picked myself up a LaCie d2 Extreme. Anyhoo I was just wondering if any here has done a drive clone using Carbon Copy? If so did you have to shutdown everything while it does it's thing (for ever :(), or were you able to surf and...
  11. Xie

    iLife Pre-installed

    When I got my Mac mini iLife '05 was pre-installed on it and all is well. Anyhoo I'm getting Tiger and it got me thinking about how do I install iLife in Tiger? I looked and I didn't get iLife on a seperate disc. Is it part of the "bundled software" thats on my OSX install disc? Also why did I...
  12. Xie

    Mozilla build

    Anyhoo I finally got bored enough to try it out. Anyhoo followed directions and everything seems to have build ok. I then followed the directions at the bottom to make a OSX package (dmg) of my build so I would have it as a backup and whatnot. Anyhoo I installed it and running it now and its...
  13. Xie

    My Mac mini (pix)

    I'm bored and who doesn't like pix so here are a couple. :) you can see the rest at my site
  14. Xie

    Mac mini VGA problem

    I havn't gotten my mini yet (still awaiting it) but just found a bunch of posts stating a problem some people are having with the VGA output of the mini (here and here). I guess the the signal strength is low (below VESA specs) and some are getting darker then normal display. Does anyone with a...
  15. Xie

    New Pepsi/iTunes Promotion

    Saw this the other day saying it was coming. Well looks live now. Oh and this time looks like you can win a iPod mini! :classic: *edit* - Oh and for those non-Pepsi folks that drink other Pepsi products looks like your in luck this time around as they can be found on ...
  16. Xie

    iPod car kit

    Ok not sure where to put this but since iPod is an Apple product I'm putting it here. :p Anyhoo I'm going to get a car kit for my iPod and I was just wondering if any of you have one and could recommend one or steer me away from a bad one. I want both an FM [no cassette ect.] modulator one...
  17. Xie


    This is a great linux distro/recovery cd. Thanks to this little gem I was able to transfer all my data [mbr] and all to a new HD from my dieing one. It includes most all troubleshooting/recovery apps you could think of. I ended up using "dd_rescue" to transfer my files from dead HD to my new HD...
  18. Xie

    Thank-You All (for the distraction)

    Well I passed my A+ OS test today so I'm now A+ Certified. :D Anyways I would like to thank you all for being a great distraction from my studying. I think in the end helping people here is a great help and goes hand-in-hand with studying toward something like this. Anyhoo thanks all for giving...
  19. Xie

    The US Election Mess

    Yep seems little has changed in states like Florida. :( Anyhoo here are two good sites I found an interesting read over. I don't see how in 4 years this wasn't fixed after all the trouble we had in 2000. There should be a nation wide standard for a national election. If the states wanna do their...
  20. Xie

    VW "speed sender" question

    I have read many a post on this forum by people that really seem to know cars like a mechanic might. My hope is one of you wouldn't mind giving me some advice. I will give an explaination of the problem below. As for car details, it's a '97 VW Jetta GL and auto-transmission (I know I suck but I...