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    stuck: cannot load web page

    Here's an odd one: I'm unable to load from any browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) on my primary home PC (dock extensions included). This is the only site I'm experiencing problems with. My laptop loads the page just fine. I'm out of ideas on what to trouble-shoot. Any suggestions?
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    Ghost boot disk question

    I have three hardware models, each with their own image version, and corresponding ghost book disks for each. I need three separate disks because the NIC on each model is different. Symantec has a surplus amount of switches for boot options, but has anyone ever tried slip-streaming a ghost...
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    New uxtheme patcher

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    GeForce2Go Problems

    Dell C810 Notebook/Nvidia GeForce2Go Having a display setting problem. The clinical app we use requires a 1024x768 res but on one of the machines, the display is tiny, centered on the screen. I can fix this by going into Nvidia TwinView settings as admin and set it to maximize the...
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    What am I missing?

    How can I target the url launch? Some I need to launch into a new window, some into the parent window. With the below form, the standard target tag doesn't work. <form name="jump"> <select name="menu" onChange="[].value;"...
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    What time does your day begin?

    7:15AM EST. I'm at work --the only one here, assessing my level of pre-8AM boredom as I munch on a role and suck down a cup of coffee. Systems are up, network needs a vacation from itself and the physical plant is chugging along. Anyone else stuck with somber, early morning routines on a...
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    .NET update creates new user?

    Did a windows update yesterday and downloaded/installed the latest .net updates. While modifying user settings this morning, I noticed a new user in the listing, ".Net Machine A." :mad: Granted, I was foolish to install an update without reading up on it first, but I'm a little annoyed...
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    Appending data to file2 from file1

    Ya'll gonna think I'm nuts because I'm trying this without the use of a true database.:confused: I need to read data from one file (.txt or .dat) parse the data by field name and append to another file (.xls preferably, but .txt will do). Resources: One local machine, no ASP, no PHP, no...
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    MS VBTV Ad - Hysterical!!

    Episode IV - Friggen hysterical!! The heck with the product, the marketing is killer. :) For broadband. I suggest 56k'ers skip this link, you'll be downloading for weeks.