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  1. coathanger007

    Free 2013 desktop calendar

    The guys at Christian Desktop Wallpapers have a 2013 desktop calendar free for download here: Simply print out on glossy paper then use a cheap plate holder as your calendar holder. Enjoy :)
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    Christian Desktop Wallpapers

    There are very few Christian desktop wallpaper sites around that have high quality walls. The only two I know of are: Christian Desktop Wallpapers 50 Stunning Christian Wallpapers | INSPIKS Do you guys know of any others?
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    Desktop Screenshots April 2012

    Well, here my current desktop: Looks like Windows 7 but it's actually good old Windows XP. I just used the Seven Transformation pack which I've ranted about here. Let's see your screenshots.
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    Beaut Montage desktop wallpapers

  5. coathanger007

    Water droplets

    Took this photo this morning with my Canon Powershot A650IS, a tripod and timer. Shutter speed 1/1600. Need really good lighting to do this:
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    Not an issue How to blog?

    I notice OSNN has a blog category with no blogs. How do members add their blogs?
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    Google kills bambi!

    Oops Google Kills Bambi @freepostia
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    Need some tech writers

    Hope this post is acceptable. I've just acquired a popular tech blog and wonder if there are any members who would like to write for the site. In return you get a link back to your own site. has a US alexa of 65,165. Topics you can write include blog tips, mobile phones, gaming and...
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    August 2011 Desktop Screenshots

    Thread Guidelines: Please adhere to Forum Guidelines. No pornography or overly suggestive images/wallpapers. If you are going to embed your screenshot, please keep it at or under 640x480 and under 75KB in size - please use attachment feature. Moderators reserve the right to edit or...
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    I got married!

    Yups....those New Zealand pics were from our honeymoon :) Any mums and dads here? Need household tips to make life easier :D
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    New Zealand Trip Walls

    Here are some fresh photos from my recent trip to New Zealand....beaut place! The rest of the gallery can be seen here: Heavenly Glimpses - New Zealand Enjoy :)
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    Half Life 2 Lost Coast and Deathmatch free

    Half Life 2 Lost Coast and Deathmatch free on Steam:
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    Corel Paint Shop Pro X FREE!

    This powerful and popular photo and image editor now available free of charge, for a limited time. Note that this is free full commercial software offered for a limited time by Corel, in association with Lexar.,corel-paint-shop-pro-x.aspx
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    Spyware Doctor Offer

    Hi guys, We have recently started off which sells quality PC products at high volumes and low prices. As a promotion we are selling the Spyware Doctor (for up to 3 PCs) for only $25AUD which is $25 off the RRP. Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning spyware and malware...
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    Microsoft Mojave Experiment

    Evidently spurred on by the reception it got at Thursday's financial analysts meeting, Microsoft has decided to move ahead with plans to turn the Mojave project into a full-fledged Windows Vista marketing effort. As first reported by CNET News, Microsoft last week interviewed XP users who were...
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    Most Amazing Human Bodies

    Check out some of the most amazing human bodies on Earth!
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    Weird Foods - would you like a mouse or millipede???

    Yummy! View more:
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    Amazing Pics

    This site has some of the most amazing pics on the net: Enjoy :)
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    PC Tools joins the Google Pack

    PC Tools has announced its Spyware Doctor program as the latest addition to Google Pack, a "free collection of essential software". Google Pack includes Google Earth, Desktop, Picasa, Toolbar, Photos Screensaver, Talk and Video Player. It also includes partner software such as Mozilla's...
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    7600gt Td

    What does the TD stand for in Geforece 7600GT TD? Anyone know?