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  1. Gigabot

    Update on my HP HDX 18t - HELP!

    About a year and 2 months ago I won an HP HDX 18t from a giveaway that Patrick held here at OSNN. I'm still using that notebook as my main notebook, and love it!!! But today my HP HDX 18t screen started flickering and making some weird noise. I restarted the HP HDX 18t but the screen still keeps...
  2. Gigabot

    Got my FREE Windows 7 ultimate signature edition + kit

    Today I got my free Windows 7 Ultimate Steve Ballmer signature edition, before the launch date! I posted a topic of it here (can't believe some people said they wouldn't register for this, even though it's 100% free!), did anyone else get theirs? I applied at the last moment and got accepted...
  3. Gigabot

    Not an issue Topic deleted for no apparent reason

    I made a topic on how college students with a .edu e-mail address can pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium for $29.99 from Not sure why it was deleted. Maybe mods weren't happy that they couldn't get in on the deal? ;)
  4. Gigabot

    23 Macs, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches Gone in 31 seconds!

    Video here: VIDEO: Smash and grab theft at Apple Store | Video | Five robbers stole 23 Macs, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches from an Apple Store in 31 seconds. :eek:
  5. Gigabot

    Get Windows 7 FREE (legally)

    House Party > Global Windows 7 Launch Party > Apply Now USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, Japan, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, and India only!
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    [OFFICIAL] Happy B-day EP

    This is the official EP Happy B-day topic. Anyone found to be creating duplicate topics may be BANNED! ;) Happy 28th birthday EP. Enjoy your day! :D
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    Not an issue Testing...

    I'm just testing to see if the URL shortener works: This link does not appear to load for me, I just put it on a YouTube vid. Does it load for anyone else?
  8. Gigabot

    Windows XP SP 3 runs browsers faster than Windows 7 RTM!

    I haven't tested it, but according to the below article Windows XP SP 3 runs browsers faster than Windows 7 RTM:
  9. Gigabot

    Chemical fire in Bryan, Texas!

    There was recently a Chemical fire in Bryan, Texas. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, although 10 people had to go to the hospital due to respiratory problems. Source:
  10. Gigabot

    7 year old steals Car! (Video)

    While browsing the Examiner website, I noticed an article titled: 7 year old steals car. At first I thought the title meant that a 7 year old stole a car. What actually happened is that a 7 year old boy didn't want to go to church, so he drove his father's car and then drove it back home at 45...
  11. Gigabot

    iPhone SMS exploit!

    Android was affected by this vulnerability as well, but Google fixed it. Apple hasn't fixed it yet. For this exploit to work the hacker only needs to know the phone # of it's victim, no files need to be downloaded! Once the hacker attacks an iPhone the hacker can also take over other iPhone's...
  12. Gigabot

    The Pirate Bay Verdict

    Do you agree with what happened to The Pirate Bay? I don't, and I don't support piracy either. I just think it's wrong to jail someone and fine them because of assisting people with piracy. There are many sites that do that, including Google and all other major search engines. Yes it's true that...
  13. Gigabot

    Forgot Windows Vista Password

    I can login to Windows Vista as Administrator by swiping my fingerprint but I forgot my password. Is there anyway I can find out what password I have on there? Something I can install to figure it out?
  14. Gigabot

    Free way to send fax online

    I want to send a fax using an online service that's free. Has anyone tried any or know of any good online service which I can use for sending a fax document?
  15. Gigabot

    HP HDX Notebook PC

    Today I received the HP HDX Notebook PC prize package that I won from the contest held on OSNN forums. I'm really thankful to EP, HP, Buzz Corps, OSNN staff, and OSNN members for this. Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to own a great notebook! I'm a full-time college student right...
  16. Gigabot

    Quick, unfriend 10 people on Facebook!

    If you love Burger King Whoppers, and want one for free then you have to install the Whopper Sacrifice application and unfriend 10 people on your Facebook account. After unfriending 10 people Burger King will send you a coupoun for a free Whoppers! :D Source...
  17. Gigabot

    Windows 7 Public Beta Download

    In CES Steve Ballmer confirmed that Windows 7 Public Beta will be released on Friday January 9. According to Neowin it's also fully confirmed that this release will be the same as the leaked Build 7000 that many OSNN members here have downloaded. I'm glad that Microsoft isn't only making this...
  18. Gigabot

    Firefox 3.1 not compatible with Hotmail?

    I'm using Firefox 3.1 and for some reason it's not compatible with Hotmail. Ever since Hotmail has launched the new version it hasn't been working with Firefox. I try clicking an e-mail but it won't work. Maybe there's some javascript issues or something. Am I the only one that experiences...
  19. Gigabot

    Microsoft Office 2007 Key

    I already have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on my sisters laptop but I don't know how I find out what key it uses. How do I check the product key that I used? I misplaced the CD Key and I'm trying to install Office 2007 on my PC.
  20. Gigabot

    Windows 7 Beta 1 Free?

    When Microsoft releases Windows 7 Beta 1 download sometime around January is the beta download going to be free to download for anyone or is Microsoft only releasing it to a certain beta tester group (like MSDN subscribers)?