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  1. zapoqx

    Perplexing issue with wifi

    Alright, so this is confusing the heck out of me on the reason behind this. I'm trying to setup in the network one have Wireless N with full Turbo mode so those with N can use the full power and speed if it can be supported and a separate network to use Wireless G with afterburner/turbo for...
  2. zapoqx

    Sound can't output to speakers unless BOTH devices are turned on.

    Hey guys So I have a little interesting thing I wanna do. I'm trying to come up with a cheap method to try and get my speakers to work on both my 360 and my DirectTV box so I don't have to keep switching the sound. I'm using a temp TV and the TV had a DVI port so we used an HDMI to DVI adapter...
  3. zapoqx

    Issue with HDD showing in Safe Remove option

    I'll show it off the picture here: With the exception of the USB, all of them are internal drives. I want to know why they show up in the safe removal. Its much more strange when thinking that the C drive... installed without the other drives at the time still showed it available for safe...
  4. zapoqx

    Peer Networking Grouping service isn't running

    Hey all, I've seen there are many search results for this topic on google, but none has really helped me in figuring this out. On my laptop, I had this issue turn up where Peer Networking Grouping service wasn't running. There was one time I had it as an issue and using the troubleshooter...
  5. zapoqx

    GPU Scaling

    So this is something I've seen before, but I never really tried it out until now. However, I don't know exactly what it does. I have a feeling its not ATI specific either (but I don't have an nVidia card to check). And before you mention "Google search it" the problem was I found mostly...
  6. zapoqx

    Double Check on this

    I want to make sure that this is all-right to do before doing it with results unexpected. My new system is in and I want to make sure that I transfer my hard drives. The thing is since I mentioned the issues I had before with those permissions from remnant data stuff, I want to make sure that...
  7. zapoqx

    Make SWF files play in flash player

    I want to know if I can play SWF files in Flash player WITHOUT opening a browser or Windows Media Player for it like I used to back in Windows XP? If so, how could I go about it on 7? Like I'm pretty sure I was using Flash Player to make it work, but with it all installed, I can't make it do so.
  8. zapoqx

    New Network assistance

    Hey all. So I need a few things. I'm going to be moving in a few months and my current home network is fine for me. The new place I'll be going to will have me living with 2 other people. Currently, I'm using the following: Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 using Tomato firmware Motorola SURFboard SB5120...
  9. zapoqx

    system has issues with starting Windows 7?

    Ok, so the topic is kind of hard to explain. Here is what happens: When I start my system, it says "Disk boot Error, Insert system disk and press enter" Now I don't know what that is about, but because of this, I can't start Windows. Now, if before I let it do "normal" boot, I go into my mobo's...
  10. zapoqx

    Random unknown user?

    I've noticed that I had a couple of folders on some of my drives that has been around for a long while that has some sort of user setting from an unknown user. Some folders date back to way before my re-formats under XP. I read somewhere about due to the NTFS that its a security thing and...
  11. zapoqx

    External Video Card?

    So at the last LAN party last month, I saw something quite interesting and today I have been looking for it on the net just to see how much it would cost. What I saw was a video card connected to a small chip which was placed to some USB adapter device. It was powered by a 400W power supply...
  12. zapoqx

    Article I found

    So an article I found talks about using Chrome and Firefox to use RAM disk. First, here is the link: How to move the Firefox or Chrome cache to a RAM disk and speed up surfing by 20% or more Now while I am the type to like speed improvements (and finding myself to use all 3 browsers...
  13. zapoqx

    Sync file app suggestions

    I was wondering if anyone had a sync app suggestion they could throw my way. Here is my issue: I used to use Groove 2007 for my sync needs. The problem is since I went to Windows 7 64-bit on my desktop, Groove 2007 doesn't support 64-bit and outright refuses to attempt any method of syncing...
  14. zapoqx

    [HTML + PHP] Formmail isn't doing things correctly

    I've been helping someone redo his entire form submission so that it didn't use a cgi method of submission and instead use a PHP method. First part: The guide for setting up can be found here: DT Scripts: Form to email Guide Documentation Second Part: The download can be found here: DT...
  15. zapoqx

    2 Core to 1

    Now I know there is a way to do it in Windows if you need 1 core only, but I want to know if there is a way to set a program before starting up to use 1 core from the very start instead of going to the process and trying to set the affinity to 1 core? Thanks in advance!
  16. zapoqx

    Windows 7 setup

    I'll be getting Windows 7 soon. I don't know what version it is since its being sent to me as a birthday gift but I will assume its either Home Premium or Professional. I would like to do this all in one shot instead of doing all the other installs I want THEN doing the other tricks later. If...
  17. zapoqx

    Text file needs defined fixed width

    I'm making a text file that is supposed to be a guide. The problem is that I need it to have a fixed width and I don't mean "make use of Wordwrap in your text editor." As an Example: And turn it into something like this: So is there an easier way to do this besides going back through...
  18. zapoqx

    Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 and Tomato

    Hey all I saw a couple of threads about it in the search, but I've been wondering about this since most of those threads seemed to be geared to the Linksys routers. I have a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Router. Had it for a long time. My father was telling me that he upgraded the firmware to Tomato...
  19. zapoqx

    BSOD with Procaster?

    So I sometimes stream on livestream with procaster. Except I realize I could never stream for long periods of time without an issue rising. I thought I fixed the issue from happening, but then I found my system BSODs badly after some time the streaming is going (I've narrowed it down to...
  20. zapoqx

    Monitor Color question

    So I have been trying to figure out for a while why my monitor is... different in color compared to my 1080p HD monitor. I do Dual Screen and the thing is the HD one shows colors a little more vibrant than the one on the main monitor screen. The Main Monitor: iiyama Prolite E43AS (I can't get...