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  1. ray_gillespie

    New Mobo/CPU/RAM Upgrade Time!

    Hi guys, I must apologise to you and to computers in general. I have been neglecting my PC gaming recently in favour of my PS3, but alas it's that time again when my console is being left way behind PC gaming and so it's time to get back to PC gaming. I also picked up a copy of the Witcher 2...
  2. ray_gillespie

    News Nvidia Launches “World’s Fastest” Graphics Chip

    Graphics chip manufacturer NVIDIA has unveiled what it claims is the 'world's fastest' graphics card with the GeForce GTX 580 GPU. The new GeForce GTX 580 is NVIDIA's latest and greatest GPU, superceding the GTX 480 that was released in March of this year. NVIDIA also claims that the GTX 580...
  3. ray_gillespie

    Fixed Image Attachments

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if you're aware of this problem but there seems to be some sort of issue with attaching images to posts. I tried to upload about four different images to a post and each time it told me that it was "not a valid image file". Might be worth looking into. Ray
  4. ray_gillespie

    News First 'Epic Citadel' Game Details

    A few months ago Epic Games released a tech demo on Apple's App Store called Epic Citadel to show off how their technology can run on an iPhone/iPad. Featuring bump offset mapping, normal mapped architecture, global illumination, real-time reflections, dynamic specular lighting with texture...
  5. ray_gillespie

    News Lord of the Rings Online - Free to Play in Europe from 2nd November

    Codemasters Online announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) will be free-to-play across Europe on Tuesday 2nd November 2010. With the new pricing model players will be able to download the game and play for free as well as purchase expansions, quest packs, items, and account...
  6. ray_gillespie

    News No Copy & Paste on Windows Phone 7 Until 2011

    The long-awaited Windows Phone 7 operating system is almost here but users will have to wait until "early 2011" to be able to use a 'copy and paste' feature. Despite earlier versions of the OS, known as Windows Mobile, having the copy and paste feature, it is for some reason missing from...
  7. ray_gillespie

    News World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Release Date Confirmed

    The release date for the highly anticipated third expansion to World of Warcraft has just been revealed as 7th December 2010. Following on from Wrath of the Lich King, the new expansion 'Cataclysm' raises the level cap from 80 to 85, introduces several new end-game dungeons, two new playable...
  8. ray_gillespie

    News Facebook Unveils 'High-Res' Photos

    One area in which Facebook has consistently lagged behind dedicated photo sharing websites is the quality of images that it lets users upload into their photo albums. Earlier this year Facebook brought out an update that allowed for slightly larger and better quality images; a welcome move in...
  9. ray_gillespie

    News Outlook 2010 Features Bill Gates' Police Mugshot

    Outlook 2010 adds a new feature to Microsoft's flagship email client called the 'People Pane', which shows users an overview of the person emailing them, including contact details and a photo. Couple this with Outlook Social Connector and you can populate all your contacts with their details...
  10. ray_gillespie

    News Fed Up of Farmville Updates? Facebooks Takes Action

    For a while, Facebook only ever dealt with the social aspects of people's profiles - what you were doing, photos of you, what you like etc. Then came the apps and their own updates, infiltrating everyone's new feeds with all kinds of new information about what games people were playing and what...
  11. ray_gillespie

    News Chrome 7 Will Be 60x Faster Than Chrome 6

    With Internet Explorer 9 hitting public beta a few days ago, it's Google's turn to hit the spotlight with its own web browser, Google Chrome. Microsoft's claim that IE9 will feature full hardware acceleration of HTML5 is starting to attract attention; now Google is unveiling some impressive...
  12. ray_gillespie

    News Microsoft Releases Final Version of Windows Phone 7 SDK to Developers

    Microsoft released the final version of the brand new Windows Phone 7 SDK to developers this morning, including Foursquare, Pandora, Twitter and Netflix. Microsoft will also be opening its equivalent of the iTunes Store, the Windows Phone Marketplace, in early October to begin accepting...
  13. ray_gillespie

    News Intel Hopes to 'Revolutionise' Computer Industry

    Intel, the world's biggest computer chip manufacturer, is hoping to "revolutionise PCs" with its forthcoming chipset that will combine both the central processor and the graphics processor on a single chip. The new product, codenamed "Sandy Bridge" is designed to cut the time it takes to...
  14. ray_gillespie

    News Nearly 50% of Brits Watch TV When It Suits Them

    A new survey commissioned by Rovi Corporation has revealed some interesting ideas about the way people watch TV. The survey found that viewers have changed their TV watching habits with the introduction of on-demand, online and set-top box recorded TV to many homes across the country. The 'did...
  15. ray_gillespie

    News Lord of the Rings Online - Free to Play Delayed in EU

    Bad news wannabe Ring-bearers in Europe - the free to play version of Lord of the Rings Online has been delayed pending bug fixes. The news broke on the official LOTRO forums a couple of days ago, with no specific reason given other than "more time" being needed, and no details on exactly how...
  16. ray_gillespie

    News iOS 4.1 Available, Introduces Achievements, HDR Photos

    The latest iOS 4.1 software update for Apple's iPhone/iPod/iPad is now available to download via iTunes. Among the features of this latest release is a new option for HDR photos: before this update, photos taken with a light background often ended up with either a very dark foreground or a...
  17. ray_gillespie

    Fixed OSNN Offline - New Updates?

    Ah! Have there been some new updates to the site? It's been off most of the day and now I'm back on there are new options in the 'Prefixes' for posts! Just glad that everything is ok :).
  18. ray_gillespie

    News DivX Plus Web Player Takes on Flash Video

    The latest beta update to the DivX Web Player has just been released and brings with it a host of new features, including one that could help DivX carve up a slice of the web video market. The new feature, known as DivX HiQ™, allows you to switch the videos you watch on popular video websites...
  19. ray_gillespie

    News iTunes Ping Surpasses 1 Millions Users

    The new social networking feature of iTunes, called iTunes Ping, has amassed over one million users within the first two days of launch. This large number of Ping users represents about a third of all the users who have downloaded iTunes 10, though this is only a small fraction of iTunes users...
  20. ray_gillespie

    News NVIDIA Announce New 400M Series Notebook GPUs

    NVIDIA have announced a brand new GeForce 400M series of GPUs for notebooks, claiming to offer a whopping 40% performance boost over the previous 300M series of GPUs. The NVIDIA GeForce 400M GPUs includes: For enthusiast users: GeForce GTX 470M and GTX 460M For performance users: GeForce GT...