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  1. trackrat

    Asus agrhhhhhhh.

    The stock cooler ran at 37C, my Zalman 9900 lowered it to 32C. overclocking it to 3.5GHz pushed the temp up to 43C on the stock cooler and 36C on the Zalman.
  2. trackrat

    Asus agrhhhhhhh.

    I checked the AMD site for 940 compatible motherboards and the MA79T was on the list. It is all working now, a small computer shop charged me £10 to use one of there processors and flash the BIOS at the same time. That saved me buying another processor and selling it afterwards. As I...
  3. trackrat

    Asus agrhhhhhhh.

    I thought I would try AMD again so I purchased a Phenom 940, an ASUS M3A79T-Deluxe and 2 X 2Gb Crucial 1066 memory. I always build outside the case so if anything is wrong it is easier to get at. I put it together, switched the PSU on, the power button lit up, I pressed it, the HSF whirred...
  4. trackrat

    all but one app works in this for me so far.

    has anyone suceeded in installing one of the free firewalls in the 64bit version ?.
  5. trackrat

    Which distro?

    One that has not been suggested is Linux Mint. Debian based it has all the codecs from the off.
  6. trackrat

    Cheap / Effective Portable GPS for Cars?

    I am in the Uk, I have a Garmin nuvi 250, which I purchased 9 months ago. I have just updated the maps which was a 2.9Gb download. I also had to update the firmware which is free. When I brought it, only the UK maps were on it, but after the update (which was free), I had the uk & European...
  7. trackrat

    Which bundle

    Looking at all three, I would say non of them, Abit are stopping making motherboards, ECS are not that good and no way would the third one be described as a gamers board. You would be better of looking at the Novatech site, they have better bundles which come assembled and tested, and are...
  8. trackrat

    O.k .. Stupid ? - How do you make "^^"

    ^^ Just press the up arrow (below caps locks) and press number 6, or am I missing something?.
  9. trackrat

    Flash drive issue

    Have you thought about using a Linux live CD to format it. This link shows you how to do it, you can try Knoppix, Ubuntu, Open Suse or any live Cd.
  10. trackrat

    Fixed How do I edit my signature

    User Cp / Edit signature
  11. trackrat

    Moving Icons on Desktop

    Try this, right click the desktop, highlight Arrange icons by, from that box tick Align to grid.
  12. trackrat

    X2 5600+ compared to Intels...

    I have been building computers with AMD processors for ten years now, but I have to admit Intel is the way to go if you can afford to. I have not had any problems installing Vista on Dual & Quad core AMD processors, so it is up to you.
  13. trackrat

    KCleaner : easy and automatic System Cleaner

    I have just tried it and it seems to do its job well. I would not use it though as there is no backup option, in case it deletes something it should not. A lot of people use CCleaner which does the same job and also includes a registry cleaner. Plus there was no uninstaller in the programs list.
  14. trackrat

    What colour are you

    White with a sunburst symbol.
  15. trackrat

    The Idiot Test

    Done, the only real memory one is the 3,3,2,4 at the end.
  16. trackrat

    Computer shutting down randomly.

    It arrived today, and I ran Prime95 for two hours with no problems. As that is the second Antec PSU that I have brought that has failed, I will stick with Seasonic in future. Thanks to all who replied.
  17. trackrat

    Computer shutting down randomly.

    I have had lots of parts from Novatech and if it is faulty it will be the first time. I have just ordered a Seasonic 500W PSU, it should be here on Tuesday so I will see what happens then.
  18. trackrat

    Computer shutting down randomly.

    Maybe not.:laugh: As it was running so smoothly, I thought I would give it a go with Prime95, big mistake, eight minutes into running Prime and it shut down again. So it looks like buying a new PSU. As I use a Seasonic on my other computer I will get one of those. If it still shuts down...
  19. trackrat

    Cleaned out inside of PC, now doesn't boot.

    This is just a thought, I have seen something similar to your problem a couple of times, and what had happened was the motherboard had onboard graphics as well as a graphics card fitted, and the connector was hooked up to the onboard instead of the card and as some BIOS's disable the onboard, no...