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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    I am on my work computer and I need to have Windows messenger installed for our in office communcations. I also need to be able to open links from messenger in IE for certain oracle applications we use. This being said, I'm a firefox user, and I don't want to set IE to default browser, but...
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    HDD not seen by fdisk

    My main HDD can't be seen by fdisk. Windows boots off it, it's seen in the bios, however, when I use Partition magic, it reads the disk as "bad", so I figured, ohh well, Ill just wipe the whole drive and reparition it, but I couldn't even do that, when XP CD boots, it says "There is no disk in...
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    Windows Explorer default action problem

    As you can see, "search" is the default option and when I double click a folder, it doesn't open the folder but the search window comes up. Im' not sure how I did this, but I think it happened after I was fooling around with >folder options>file types>. Now when I go there, there isn't even...
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    file named "~" on desktop

    Anyone have any idea why I keep getting a file named just "~" on my desktop, no extension or anything, I don't know where it's comming from or anything... thanks in advance. ohh, btw, it's a binary, it's not just text or anything.
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    Dual Boot Program Installs

    Is there a way in which I can install both 98 and XP on dual boot, install programs in 98, and use that same install to run the program in XP to save HD space, because I'm doing a tri-boot and don't have a lot of HD space left on my System disc after that. Has anyone done this? is it possible...