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  1. indyjones

    Network woes

    Right shuffled round the connections, I have now removed one of the switches so with the rest all plugged into the router. Still causes the router to lose connection.... I have also tried the 'problem PC' plugged directly into the main switch and then it seems to work fine... So I guess the...
  2. indyjones

    Network woes

    I tried plugging the 'problem' PC straight into the router rather than via a switch, although it seems to of made no difference.
  3. indyjones

    Network woes

    Hi all, Firstly whoa its been a long time since I have posted, glad to see the forum is still going and hopefully the old names are still around :) Now on to my network problem. ;) My set-up is a netgear 5 port Gigabit switch hooked up to a second one that then hooks into my netgear...
  4. indyjones

    ebay - HTC Touch Diamond 2 - Loads of Extras

    Great phone will be sorry to see it go, please feel free to bid :) HTC Touch Diamond 2 Factory Unlocked Mint 2GB + Extras on eBay (end time 28-Mar-10 22:05:32 BST)
  5. indyjones

    Slow USB Transfers

    Hi All, Has anybody else noticed slow transfer speeds in windows 7? Running X64 ultimate....
  6. indyjones

    New Toy On Its Way: HTC Touch Diamond 2

    3....2....1... and you're back on subject I have got my phone now and really pleased with it. The screen is very crisp due to the lovely 800×480 res. I am already running a custom 6.5 rom with the sense UI. Seems to be great, and the sense UI does an incredible job at polishing the front end...
  7. indyjones

    New Toy On Its Way: HTC Touch Diamond 2

    Each to their own, personally although it shows great potential i don't feel android is there yet still clunky, and the devices fail to impress (low res screens etc). Although saying that winmo is the clunkiest of them all :D Still with the excellent touchflo 3D / sense, its looks pretty good...
  8. indyjones

    New Toy On Its Way: HTC Touch Diamond 2

    Eactly, its a whole 0.5" better sized for me :D
  9. indyjones

    New Toy On Its Way: HTC Touch Diamond 2

    As the title, ordered it yesterday and it should be arriving tomorrow :) Looking forward to it, sure its no HD2 but it a better size for me and a good price.
  10. indyjones

    Confirmed Where is everyone?!!?

    Still around :)
  11. indyjones

    News Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program

    good stuff signed up :)
  12. indyjones

    Connect to home server

    Based on his address details, he is using Windows Home Server (which I use and rate) which is based off Windows sever 2003 SBE
  13. indyjones

    Firefox 3.7 Redesign ...

    Looks good, add speed increases to keep it in line with the competition and we will be there :) Still I will keep on using it as the extensions are just too handy :D
  14. indyjones

    July 2009 Desktop Screenshots

    Hi Sazar what gadgets are you running please?
  15. indyjones

    Application - Winfox (Firefox Jump lists)

    That would be good :)
  16. indyjones

    Application - Winfox (Firefox Jump lists)

    Found this today: Winfox Seems really good so far I am running the X64 build.
  17. indyjones

    Blizzard confirms no LAN support in Starcraft II

    Rubbish decision :(
  18. indyjones

    EAX Support in Win7

    OK thank you
  19. indyjones

    EAX Support in Win7

    Cheers, though I have heard that the gx support on the asus cards is a bit ropey.....