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  1. JJB6486

    Windows XP Media Center

    Since I've never used it before and the laptop I want to buy comes preloaded with it, does Windows XP Media Center's network functionalty match that of XP Home Edition or Pro Edition? I need to know if Media Center Edition includes the advanced file/folder and share permissions, ability to...
  2. JJB6486

    Using Windows XP Drivers in Windows Server 2003

    Is it possible to extract the drivers from the Windows XP Pro CD for use in Windows 2003 Server? I'm trying to run 2003 Standard on some older equipment that XP has drivers for, but 2003 Server does not. The manufacturer does not make 2000, XP, or 2003 drivers for the hardware at all. Thanks...
  3. JJB6486

    OSNN Chatroom Guidelines

    The Official OSNN Chat Room (#osnn on is a place where you can hang out, have some fun and, if needed, gain technical support from members of the OSNN community. Here are the Channel Rules, which are subject to change: (Last updated 27 January 2004) There are absolutly...
  4. JJB6486

    IDE ZIP 100 Drive Problems!

    First Tech Question Of The New NTFS I guess I'll post the first tech post of the new and improved! Anyway, I got an old internal IDE ZIP 100 Drive, that when installed in the computer I want to put it in (an older Gateway Celeron 333), does not auto power off. When I select Shut...
  5. JJB6486

    Looking For Restore Media For Odd Computer

    I'm looking for a restore disc for a Norand Pen*Key 6622 Pen Tablet computer. It runs Windows 95, though requires several pieces of proprietary software to function correctly. Has anyone heard of this computer, and has access to a restore disc for it, or knows where i can get one? Thanks, JJB
  6. JJB6486

    Post This News

    nVidia has released a new system utility that allows BIOS settings to be changed while inside Windows. You are supposedly able to adjust bus speeds to over or underclock the CPU, modify BIOS settings, and get diagnostic information though this utility. From nVidia's Site: NVIDIA® System...
  7. JJB6486

    Netware Login w/ XP

    OK I don't know if this is possible or not, but I want to be able to log into a Novell Netware server through Windows, but only on demand. I don't want to use Novell Client as my primary login screen (i want the welcome screen). The other problem is that my Novell username and password is...
  8. JJB6486

    Memory Extravaganza

    Im my neverending quest for money, i have the following items for sale. (1) Micron 256MB DDR PC2100 SODIMM (Laptop/Notebook) *SOLD* (5) 32MB PC66 SDRAM DIMMs $20 for all 5 sticks (1) 32MB PC66 SDRAM SODIMM (Laptop/Notebook) $5 Pictures are at...
  9. JJB6486

    My Signature

    Hey, can one of you photoshop experts touch up that annoying copyright watermark out of my signature? Please don't do anything else other then remove the watermark, i want to keep as much of the original image as possible. If you would like the original .psd i made it with let me know...
  10. JJB6486

    Computer Eating PSUs?

    My computer seems to be eating PSUs. I got the computer, and the orginal stock PSU Died. I replaced it (a 90w) with a 180w, and after a couple hours of running the second PSU died. THe compuer would not power up, and the power LED turned Amber instead of Green when i pressed the power button...
  11. JJB6486

    Largest Hard Drive

    What is the largest Hard Drive a Compaq Presario 1260 laptop can handle (333MHz K6/2, circa 1998)? I'm looking for at least 10GB. It has a 3.9GB HDD in it now, but when I install XP (which runs suprisingly well) it takes up a significant chunk of that 3.9GB. I also tried Windows 2000, but...
  12. JJB6486

    ASP on Linux+Apache

    How do I do this? I'm trying to help the computer programming teacher at school (Yes, I'm a student :D) set up a Linux-based webserver to test his web-programming projects, though he uses ASP (which is a MS Programming Language). Do modules exist to allow ASP Pages to run (even in a limited...
  13. JJB6486

    Off-Site Contact Info

    Just a thought, to keep all the site staff in contact in case of downtime, we should add each other to IM lists. Everyone list your off-site contact info: Email: (put a real address, not the one) AIM: DaBomb4097 MSNM: ICQ: None...
  14. JJB6486

    1000 Posts!!!!!!

    Finally after months of being the only super moderator with under 1000 posts, ive finally hit the quad-digit mark! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D JJB
  15. JJB6486

    Chatroom Voices

    We need a couple more trustworthy voices/subops for that chatroom. Post your nominations here JJB
  16. JJB6486

    Router Wiring Setup

    Will this setup work? Due to space constraints, I cant put the router next to the modem, and cannot run another line. Is it possible to plug both the router LAN and WAN interfaces, cable modem ethernet port, and the comptuers into the same hub? So that the router uses the same hub to route...
  17. JJB6486

    Email Forwarding

    I need my forward address on changed to I emailed waddy a couple days ago, but the change was never made. Does anyone else have access to this? Thanks
  18. JJB6486

    Windows .NET RC1

    Just installed Windows .NET Standard Server RC1. Has anyone else tried it? What do you think of it? Post your comments and opinions here JJB
  19. JJB6486

    Chatroom Guidelines

    [e]-Punk asked me to make up some chatroom guidelines: Chatroom Guidelines: 1) Warez, Cracks and Keys are NOT allowed in the chatroom. There are absolutly no F-Serve bots or other such clients in the chatroom. Do not ask for illegal copies of Windows XP or other software. Do not use...
  20. JJB6486

    CounterStrike Texture Problems

    Look At the Picture below (mainly the arm and gun). Sometimes entire rooms, floors, cielings, walls, other people, etc start to look like that. It happens on and off. Some times it looks OK, sometimes sutff starts to look like that. Any suggestions for stopping it...