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    Nexus One

    So who else got one? I'm upgrading from a G1 on AT&T, I ported my number over to T-mobile and signed a two year contract. I got the phone today and have been playing with it all day, this thing is soooooo nice! It's super super fast too. Awesome!
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    24 - Season 7

    So, what did you guys think of the premiere last night? I'm so hyped that the show is back on.... its been way to long since I heard Jack yell at someone. Anyone have any theories yet on whats going on? An idea that I have:
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    NBA Finals - Game Six

    How about this game? I'm loving every second of the lakers getting slapped around and royaly embarresed. :laugh:
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    New GoGo Parts incoming

    So, I decided to take the plunge and buy new core parts. I decided to with the following. Intel Q9300 Quad @ 2.5ghz Asus P5K Pro 4GB (2x 2GB) Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 Should be a pretty huge upgrade over what I have now. I thought long and hard about doing this, hard to justify the cost...
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    I won my first Film Festival

    I have been making indie low budget films for a few years now, slowly getting better and better and making new friends. That last two years I have competed in whats known as the "48 hour film festival" Basically you draw a genre and get a piece of paper that tells you three things that have to...
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    School Bus Safety Guidelines: 2011

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    World History With the Pope!

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    Vista Service Pack 1 RC Discussion

    Microsoft has released Vista SP1 RC 1 to the public tonight, it has been available to dev's for a while now but now the rest of us can play with it too. This thread is for discussion and perhaps troubleshooting with the latest RC of Vista SP1...
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    Crysis Singleplayer Demo Announced
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    Commercial Flash Games

    Hey guys, I got a question about purchasing flash games to use on a website. My boss asked me to do some research on purchasing some flash games that could be used on a website, more trivial games like matching games, text based games... silly stuff like that. But we need to be able to customize...
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    Bye Bye Internet Radio

    Well it looks like its going to happen, after months of pleading and asking listeners to call their congressmen It appears that the bill that is going to destroy internet radio will go into effect as planned. Represent the people huh? Right.... :rolleyes...
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    Cingular/ATT question

    So I got my Cingular bill this month, and it was about 10$ higher than it usually is. So I was flipping through the bill looking for what would cause it, when I saw the text messaging section. Now, I pay 3.99 or whatever it is for the 200 incoming/outgoing SMS/MMS messaging package. And my...
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    Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer Released

    Today Bethesda released the official teaser trailer for Fallout 3! A lot of people have been skeptical if Beth is capable of doing the fallout series justice, personally I gave them the benefit of the doubt and was just grateful that we would get another fallout game. Based on this teaser, I...
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    Nvidia Forceware 158.45 Vista Drivers

    Hey guys, I need a favor. I posted some news on some new video drivers and I was trying to get the changelog from this pdf... But I'm having issues with Acrobat reader and it just keeps closing on me before I get...
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    My New Toy!

    So I decided to join the club and buy a new Toy(ota) :) I'm driving to the bay area tomorrow to go pickup my new (to me) 2004 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner TRD! I'm really excited, but nervous at the same time.... I will post some pictures when I get some.
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    Optimus Keyboard Taking Preorders

    Looks like the Optimus Keyboard is finally becoming a reality. You can preorder, as well as view a trivial interactive flash demo. Price is just a touch high for me though. :dead:
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    Happy Birthday LeeJend

    Happy birthday! over half a century old! Congrats! :)
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    New Transformers Trailer

    Awesome. :)
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    [Movie Review] 28 Weeks Later

    So I went and saw this movie Saturday night with a couple friends as a last minute idea. Luckily it was not terribly busy, I think there were 15 - 20 people at most. After watching previews for this movie on tv the last couple weeks I was already pessimistic about it (American version, more...
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    Why not to waste money on expensive digital cables

    I figured I would post this so people would understand why you should not waste lots of money on expensive name brand digital cables. (DVI, HDMI, Toslink Fiber, Coaxial Digital, etc) Link