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    M.J. trial question

    So we all know Micheal Jackson was being tried for child molestation. What I want to know is why this page: quotes a forensic accountant. Why was there a need for a financial accountant at a child molestation...
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    Hard Drive fixing prog

    One of my hard drives is acting up and I'm not sure what the problem is with it. So I'm looking for a good disk utility (for scanning for errors and defragging), any advice guys?
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    Good comic

    I'm sure most of you know penny arcade, but how many of you know about white ninja? You guys should check it out it's pretty hilarious: P.S.: Does anyone wanna do a format and reinstall on my PC, I don't feel like doing it?
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    Very funny mp3

    you guys got to check this out: it is a play by play of 4 old women beating on a guy after a car accident.
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    Fedora core 2 set up questions

    I spent most of the day yesterday setting up a fedora core 2 installation on my Toshiba laptop (2410 series). Everything went well enough (man did I learn a lot...) but I'm still having a few hangups that I'm hoping someone can help me with: 1) All the sounds (music, video, etc...) sound...
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    MX1000 won't charge :(

    The battery in my mouse is down to 1 bar, so I put it in the dock and... nothing happens!!! What do I do now?
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    Far Cry is better than I remembered

    I haven't played Far Cry since it came out, and have since played Doom 3 and Half Life 2, like most of you. I just reinstalled it yesterday, and apart from having to relearn how to fire an M4 (very different from CS), this game is FANTASTIC. So any of you guys who have this game sitting on a...
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    Windows XP64 and drivers

    Ok guys, I have an Athlon 64 and I'm really tempted by the new beta microsoft released of Xp 64. Is it worth at this point in time to actually try it? Will I be able to get drivers for everything I need? Will I see a difference? Will all my current apps work (most importantly Counter Strike)?
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    GTA2 LAN Game set up

    Ok guys, here's the deal I'm trying to set up a LAN game of GTA2 against my brother but I am having a hell of a time getting it to work (a.k.a. I can't get it to work :dead: ). My main computer is set as my home network's DMZ so as to avoid having to forward ports to it, and my laptop is...
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    This should be on the main page!

    I couldn't find the submit news button, but I want to submit this:
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    Direct connect problems

    I am having serious problems with Direct Connect: 1) DC++ does not kill itself when I close it, I have to go to task manager and kill the process manually. 2) The neo-modus client keeps getting me kicked from hubs. 3) If I run DC++ and Azureus at the same time, Azureus slows to a crawl...
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    Trying to choose an LCD

    I recently realized that I have been using my relatively new machine with a really old mouse, an even older keyboard and a screen that has a permanently burned in start menu. I bought a new keyboard a few weeks ago, ordered a logitech MX1000 and an icemat 2 today (can't wait to get that :D )...
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    Annoying background pictures in explorer...

    Recently I installed a program (XPlay2) that allows me to access my buddie's ipod which is formatted for Mac. Ever since I installed this, some folders, when viewed in explorer, have annoying background images. One is a quicktime window that says DVD, another is a CD with a musical note on it...
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    Need parts for an NEC LCD monitor

    My uncle gave me an NEC 1700M+ because it doesn't work anymore. I'm pretty sure the problem is the circuit board that has the power button and on-screen controls on it. If I plug it in and press the power button the led just sort of flashes yellow or green. There is no apparent pattern to the...
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    Nerdy technical question

    I keep reading info about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and they keep saying that the world be 30 square kilometers. In the past I have often come across mismeasured areas (I'm a physics major and surface area is something I have to calculate quite often...). Do they mean a map that's 30 km by 30 km (30...
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    MAC DVD-R questions

    I have 2 questions concerning DVD burning in Mac OS X Panther. This is for my friends computer, I am pretty bad at mac stuff in general (it took me two hours to get his machine to use a static IP, though d-link might be to blame for that) 1) If he wants to buy a DVD burner, is mac...
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    Am I crazy?

    This week I bought an MP3 player, but as it turns out I'm going to be using it as a WMA player. Since WMAs sound as good and are much smaller I decided: why not? So now I have undertaken the task of properly tagging and naming my MP3's before I convert them all to WMA's. Am I crazy to care...
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    Help wiht Resident Evil Doom 3 mod

    Someone has to help me get the ball rolling for someone to make a Resident Evil mod for Doom 3. I have been playing Doom 3 for a couple days now ( I am unable to play for long stretches because I get too stressed out and scared) and I think a Resident Evil Doom 3 mod would be EXCELLENT if done...
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    Script error on load

    mozilla has started giving me this message everytime i load up osnn:
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    Warm USB ports?

    I just got my new computer and I've noticed that the front USB ports (2) are quite warm, is this normal?