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    leaving ipod in car/heat??

    According to Apple's website on batteries, "storing a battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly." I've heard that the glove compartment can act as an oven, reaching temperatures even higher than the interior of the car. The temperature where you live may not exceed the 90s (the...
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    Sidetrack & Firefox horizontal scrolling

    I emailed Alex Harper at Raging Menace and he recommended to trash my profile/preferences. Along with a fresh install of Firefox this seems to have done the trick.
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    Sidetrack & Firefox horizontal scrolling

    I can't get SideTrack to scroll horizontally in Firefox on my iBook. Research tells me to set mousewheel.horizscroll.withnokey.action to '0' and mousewheel.horizscroll.withnokey.sysnumlines to 'true' in about:config, but when I use the touchpad to scroll horizontally all it does is replicate...
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    EAC guide? I haven't run through this myself but it certainly looks comprehensive.
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    Turning DMA ON/OFF

    I believe DMA is controlled through modifying the settings of the particular IDE channel. In Device Manager (Win+Pause/Break, click Device Manager), browse to your primary and secondary IDE channels (typically listed under 'IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers') and under their properties look at the...
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    is this possible?

    You're probably looking for a virtual machine, like VMware or Virtual PC. These are applications that run in XP, allowing you to run other operating systems concurrently.
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    Adobe Reader Speed up

    Yes, AR Speed-Up includes a text file that describes each plugin. You get to decide which plugins are kept and which are disabled; the disabled ones are moved to a separate directory and can be restored either by AR Speed-Up or yourself at any time. The program also includes a couple of...
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    The Diff between Nero Ultra/Enterprise?

    From what I can tell, Nero Back-It-Up is included in the ultra edition but not the corporate edition.
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    Can't read discs burned with LG drives

    I applied the latest firmware but it did not solve the problem. What makes me think the problem lies with LG is that I've found the same problem sometimes occurs using other non-LG drives. And sometimes I can read LG-burned discs just fine... there's no consistency. Thanks for the insight...
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    Can't read discs burned with LG drives

    There seems to be a problem between LG and me. Whenever I use discs (CD-R(W) or DVD-R(W)) created by LG burners on other LG drives they always work perfectly. But when I try those discs on different drives (reputable ones I know that work, such as Plextor and Pioneer) it's like Windows...
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    I bought an iPod

    Way to go... I was lucky enough to win one from the Pepsi contest last month and found that it quickly became indispensible (and quite the attention getter). I recommend getting a case to protect from scratches, and the best one I found was the iSkin eVo2. It's a silicone shell (that really...
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    control panel classic view.

    I'm not sure why it would prevent you from using Classic View. Do you have the 'Show common tasks in folders' option selected when you to go Tools: Options in the Control Panel window? The toggle for classic/category view is found in the common task pane. Alternatively, you can try this...
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    What's the fastest computer you've used?

    At the Ministry of Transportation we have an SGI Fuel workstation used to model aerodrome approach vectors (in other words, simulating how aircraft perform near airports with regard to wind, atmospheric pressure, etc). Its processor is only 800 MHz, but with a 4 MB L2 cache, 2 GB RAM, and a...
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    favorite firefox extensions?

    Tabbrowser Extensions - powerful control over tabs, I use it to make Firefox a truly SDI browser Weatherfox - weather forecast in the status bar And instead of an ad-blocking extension I use a custom userContent.css, which is available with other tips & tricks from here.
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    Want another program to run when I type notepad

    Here's how to replace notepad.exe without Windows restoring it to the original.
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    Doom3 Performance Boost

    I read that the value for seta image_cacheMegs "32" should be 25% of your system RAM. Furthermore, the entry above it, seta image_useCache "0", should be "1". I also heard that seta image_cacheMinK "200" could be set to "2048" for further performance enhancement. Not sure if any of this...
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    Blocking particular attachments in Outlook

    Sorry for not being clearer. I want to be able to delete entire messages with *.pif attachments. Preferably, Outlook would delete them before downloading them from the POP server, but if they must be downloaded I don't want to see the message at all in my inbox--I'd like it to be permantently...
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    Blocking particular attachments in Outlook

    Greetings, It's easy enough to set a rule in Outlook that blocks/redirects incoming messages with attachments, but is there a way to discriminate based on the type of attachment? For example, I want to block all messages with *.pif attachments, but allow all other attachments. Is it...
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    have you experienced this?

    Is your computer named "qasda"? On my computer, the welcome screen displays "turn off computer" when I first boot. But when I switch users (Win+L), it changes to "turn off <computer description>". I guess that the welcome screen is updated with the computer name only after you logon for the...
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    Windows 98se problema

    Does the DOS box appear after Windows has booted? If so, check the start-up portion of the registry (maybe msconfig missed something). In 98 (run regedt32.exe I think), I believe it's the same as XP, which is HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\. If you want to check the...