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  1. ameilius


    Work just ordered me a new Dell - its got everything - but i opted to have no vid card shipped (for obvious reasons :) ) pci-express want to stay cheap - but get the best performance basically - i play WoW - thats about it right now Specs - 1.86ghz dual core duo / 1gb ddr2 / 160gb sata etc...
  2. ameilius


    working on a gateway desktop it SOUNDS like it boots up - no beeps etc, but no video has onboard video, so tried a PCI generic card - still no video power supply tested good - tried in another machine..... hard drive tested good - powered up in another machine memory seems ok (would give beeps...
  3. ameilius

    Quick/Simple Help

    Ok - im working on a dell dimension - on-board video - bios is old, minimal features (no feature to use pci graphics card) so im trying to get this new pci card to work in the machine, but alas, i cant get video out of it the machine SEE's the card - latest catalyst drivers are installed...
  4. ameilius

    Clean Install....

    i got sent a replacement hard drive from gateway, sata 80gb bios sees the hard drive but when i load windows home setup, it tells me theres no hard drive any ideas? gateway tech is clueless please help
  5. ameilius

    XP Home - Fresh Install

    ok - dell desktop memory - checked ok hard drive - checked ok cdrom - swapped out 3 different drives - all ok yanked out all pci devices - agp graphics card is the only thing left in there - seems to be fine ( no onboard ) ran xp setup to run a FRESH install - formatted the drive (full and...
  6. ameilius

    Very Slow Windows Load

    brand new vaio takes FOREVER on the windows splash/loading screen - runs fine etc after this - literally - 4mins or so what can i check/disable etc to limit this?? i ran ERD and checked the autoruns etc - but thats more or less once windows loads, no? either way - theres not an excessive...
  7. ameilius

    Dell Desktop - Wont Boot

    i start up the machine, xp pro, and it beeps over and over, long beeps - ram seems fine - its sata hd whats the beep signifying - and what are some things i can try?
  8. ameilius

    Media Center - Repair Question

    I have both cd's - not damaged im trying to run a repair on this machine, and shortly after it calls for cd2 - it sits at 28% and has no HD activity or anything the cd's work fine as i use them all the time any ideas? laptop - btw - gateway - dual core etc - nice machine
  9. ameilius

    Vista Beta Question

    How long do the beta keys last? and are they still available?
  10. ameilius

    10.26.06 - Help with C:

    i just did a fresh install of xp home on a hp with a media card reader well for some reason it designated one of the removeable media's as C: and made my main hard drive H: how can i switch this.... i try to install things and it says i must be logged in as administrator to do this... when in...
  11. ameilius

    Slowwww Windows Setup

    ok - im working on a pc (dell) - im trying to reload windows xp home - i boot from cd - go into setup - formatted (complete) - now when its "copying windows setup files" - it does like a chunk of them, then stalls for a while, cdrom spins down.... sits .... sits - then after a while it starts...
  12. ameilius

    Notepad being used....

    EVERYTHING opens in notepad.... even startup files etc.... i went into folder options and reset all to default.... no prevail i ran a windows repair..... no prevail i found a site with a ton of reg mergers to fix associations.... no prevail anyone got any ideas --- not trying to reformat
  13. ameilius

    XP Repair

    im running an xp repair on a machine... dell memory tested ok -- hard drive didnt show any bad logs with 2 different hard drive test... its gotten to the point in the repair that says "saving settings" - and its been stuck on 7mins for a while... the only reason im letting it sit and run is...
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    Verizon adds Windows Live services

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    Intel Launches New Processors

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    Apple sees more profit per OS user than Microsoft

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    Singapore: One nation under Wi-Fi

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    Flying on hydrogen

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    Capricorn releases a 120TB storage system

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    P2P Steps Into The Darknet

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