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  1. JJB6486

    Windows XP Media Center

    Since I've never used it before and the laptop I want to buy comes preloaded with it, does Windows XP Media Center's network functionalty match that of XP Home Edition or Pro Edition? I need to know if Media Center Edition includes the advanced file/folder and share permissions, ability to...
  2. JJB6486

    Multi network IM progs

    Trilllan 3 Pro rocks. -JJ
  3. JJB6486

    Networking Win98 and XP

    Go into regedit, navigate to this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList Create a new DWORD value, make its name the name of the user you want to hide from the Welcome Screen, and leave the value set to 0. -JJ
  4. JJB6486

    January 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    Desktop (1600x1200): Laptop (1024x768): -JJ
  5. JJB6486

    December 2004 DeskTop Screen Shots

    Hey everyone. Remember me? Here are my desktops, nothing fabulous. Desktop (Raptor): Wallpaper photo is copyright Monty Sloan/Wolf Park. Chetan, the beta male of Wolf Park's "happy" pack runs across the frozen pond. Laptop (Predator): Macintosh (Thunderbolt): -JJ
  6. JJB6486

    Using Windows XP Drivers in Windows Server 2003

    A 3com Megahertz 3CCFE574BT PCMCIA NIC -JJB
  7. JJB6486

    Using Windows XP Drivers in Windows Server 2003

    Is it possible to extract the drivers from the Windows XP Pro CD for use in Windows 2003 Server? I'm trying to run 2003 Standard on some older equipment that XP has drivers for, but 2003 Server does not. The manufacturer does not make 2000, XP, or 2003 drivers for the hardware at all. Thanks...
  8. JJB6486

    Password Protect XP Shares

    Windows XP doesn't include the ability to password protect directories like Windows 9x did. XP Home only has the simple file sharing network ability, and XP Pro has Windows 2000 style username/password combination based permissions. A Windows 9x style password only restriction is not avalible in...
  9. JJB6486

    How many run servers?

    I run two servers. A FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE server for internet things running Apache and qmail/vpopmail/ezmlm, and a Windows 2000 Server as a LAN-only file server and intranet webserver. -JJB
  10. JJB6486

    I was a mod for the old, back when the chatroom was actually used, and there was no spam (The Lounge did not exist) and there was nothing but technical help! Ah those were the days. -JJB
  11. JJB6486

    Updating Nforce

    Its called the UDP (Unified Driver Package) for nForce2 -JJB
  12. JJB6486

    Serv-U FTP -JJB
  13. JJB6486

    free ftp

    I like WS_FTP LE or SmartFTP. -JJB
  14. JJB6486

    time for a new sound card then! but which one?

    I use for all my computer part needs. They have several inexpensive soundcards. The Sound Blaster Live 5.1 for $35 would probably work nicely. -JJB
  15. JJB6486

    Disabling Windows File Protection on an existing install? -JJB
  16. JJB6486

    Win XP Shutdown problem

    Open the Power control panel. If there is a tab for APM, go to it and make sure the checkbox is checked. -JJB
  17. JJB6486

    What Pop-Up software are most people using now?

    I use Opera with the "Open Requested Pop Up Windows Only" option selected. Haven't seen a pop up since. -JJB
  18. JJB6486

    on board sound or pci card

    Depends on what kind of onboard sound you're talking about. Plain old stereo onboard sound, go with a PCI Card. Though some motherboards, specifically nForce2 based higher end boards, have a very high quality onboard sound system, that includes dolby digital encoding and several features of...
  19. JJB6486

    Which video card do you use?

    Abit GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB 52.16 Drivers -JJB
  20. JJB6486

    Linksys Wireless-B Router Problem

    I have the same problem with my BEFSR11. And for some reason, the two latest firmwares dont allow me to access certain FTP sites. -JJB