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  1. technokid88

    Emails on websites in Mac not showing as visited when clicking on it.

    Hey I click on a list of emails off a website, and email using outlook on a mac pro running OS X. The issue is the list of emails is very long and will not highlight as visited like it did on the PC. Is there any way to do this on a Mac? I see that links show up as visited fine, the issue...
  2. technokid88

    Looking for new hosting account, any suggestions?

    I'm looking into getting a new hosting account for a few of my sites. They kept crashing for too many connections. I'm really thinking about getting the Managed Server: QC Xeon 3220 2.4Ghz BW+ EM at midphase specs... Processor Intel Quad Core 'Kentsfield' Xeon 3220 2.4Ghz 2x4MB Cache HD...
  3. technokid88

    Did the swtich to Mac

    I was always a PC person, but a company I do business with me got me a new 15inch Mac Pro. And I love this thing. Its super smooth no lag, all my programs on the mac run great. So for I had no issues.... Just got to get used to not have my 2 click buttons on the touch pad area. :)
  4. technokid88

    Firefox 3.5.2 issue

    I just updated my firefox today to version 3.5.2. The upgrade went well, but i noticed if i try to save a image off the web it only saves the picture as url.htm. Anyone else having this issue or come up with a solution. Thanks
  5. technokid88

    Selling Panasonic AG-DVX100A Low Usage (No Reserve)

    Panasonic AG-DVX100A Low Usage (No Reserve)
  6. technokid88

    Great keyboard to use with your PS3

    I wanted to get a nice keyboard for my ps3, the Logitech keyboard that is made for the ps3 looks very cheap. I went and bought this Kensington SlimBlade, which works wonderful and very nice looking. Check out ebay to find great prices...
  7. technokid88

    Exit Popup

    Hey i'm looking for an exit popup, i know everyone hates them. I do too, but someone wants me to get one for there site. Not my sites. I got one set up, but seems to only work on firefox and not on IE or sarafri. This is what I got so far. <meta><script language="JavaScript"> function...
  8. technokid88

    Intel stickers question

    I have a laptop here and it has the Intel Centrino sticker on it. Wondering why it did not have the Intel Core 2 Duo sticker on it. I have the T8300 chip inside the laptop top. Someone told me it depends on the wireless card. I have the Intel B G and N built in. Is this true?
  9. technokid88

    CSS Based Emails using G-mail

    I need to do a css based email using g-mail, I was looking at this for some help. I'm just confused where do I put the code, when i put the code into the email, it sends it as just code. Not the layout I want. Anyone familiar...
  10. technokid88

    Looking to get a new laptop any ideas?

    Hey I want to get me a new laptop. These are some I have been looking at. Only can buy from best buy. Got a 1000 dollar gift cards i need use. These are some I have been looking at. Which one do you think I should get? Dell - XPS Laptop with Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5550 - Tuxedo...
  11. technokid88

    Final Fantasy VII (Playstation) Black label version

    Selling Final Fantasy VII (Playstation) Black label version
  12. technokid88

    Looking to get a new phone

    Hey guys I'm ready to get a new phone. I stuck it out with the razr for a while and its pretty much wacking out on me now. The sounds for the speaker kept going in and out. Phones I been looking at are the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 - silver (Verizon Wireless) and the Motorola Z6c world...
  13. technokid88

    Ironman trailer Can't wait to see this one...
  14. technokid88

    hidden message [php]

    OK here is what i need to do. I have a form put in more then one location on a site. The info gets emailed to the admin of the site. I am trying to put a hidden message in the php form that the person inputing the info cant see, but only the admin can see in this email. Any help would be...
  15. technokid88

    [php] Password Help

    I'm trying to put a php script to block content on a page, unless you put in your registered user name and password. I have it where if a person comes to this page they get message that says you are not logged in, and a link to log in. This will happen to ever page i put this code in to...
  16. technokid88

    Need help with a JavaScript to get updated rates

    I'm trying to put in some code to a website I'm working on, what I need is to write a javascript or c++ script that will keep updating and posting the current mortgage interest rates from or some other site. Any help would be much appreciated. something like below, copied from yahoo...
  17. technokid88

    Sony VAIO® VGN-SZ430N/B 13.3" Widescreen Notebook PC

    Ok, my friend she just got his laptop from circuitcity, she broke her other one same thing but had xp on it. SHe loved that machine, worked great for her. This new one works just as good, but has vista on it instead of xp. Her problem with the laptop is that anytime she run from her room...
  18. technokid88

    Genji: Days of the Blade Help on the ps3

    Ok guys rented this game for ps3, game play if fun, but i am stuck. If anyone has this game could you plase help me out. Im stuck wehre you get the first girl in the game. I beat everything ont th bottom floor. How can i get to the 2nd floor to distroy the 2 other flower things to distory the...
  19. technokid88

    looking for a free program that can encode a 3g2 video file to like a mpeg

    looking for a free program that can encode a 3g2 video file to like a mpeg let me know if you guys know any good ones. All the ones i tired i have to pay for so far. I remember a good one i used a while back but cant find it.
  20. technokid88

    How can i get off yahoo music engin off my laptop?

    OK i just got a new toshiba centrino duo laptop. Uninstalling all the crap that was preinstalled. Well got most of the crap off it. But yahoo music engine gets stuck at like 1 bar when trying to unintall it by add remove programs. Is there any ways i can get this crap off the laptop. Thanks.