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  1. J

    dos ftp- need help!

    Hiya all, I have all the commands right and scripts are fine. But whatever I download it never downloads the full file, just a small portion of it. Any ideas ?
  2. J

    MySQL db and Nuke question.

    Would it be possible to run 2 php nuke based websites off 1 mysql database by just changing the default table name prefix for the second site before installing? I can't think of any reason why not but I thought I'd check first. Would that also mean that both sites could share tables in...
  3. J

    net use (command not working)

    Hi, when i try to use this command I get an access denied (error 5)message. I can map drives from my computer but im lookin to get this working from a batch script. Any help?
  4. J

    Can't play any Direct3d Games, pls help..

    I can play every opengl game going, but an direct3d like cnc generals etc just minimises on load and wont maximise. I have tried catalysts 3.10's and 4.10's. Any ideas?
  5. J

    System Manufacturer in system properties.

    In XP, on the system properties under the general tab; you can have the words Manufactured and Supplied By: then a custom logo. Does anybody know which registry key controls this? Also, at least no1 can tell me to search the forums now :) there isn't anything to search!!