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    Motherboard dead, need data from drives!

    Hi Chaps, I'll confess this is an area I know little about but I have a Dell Dimension 8400 which came as factory standard raid 0. Now the motherboard has died how do I go about getting the data off that I need? Thanks in advance.
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    Strange excel / word mail merge problem

    I am trying to mail merge an excel spreadsheet to word, which all works fine but it puts big line breaks between each line that can't be removed, any ideas on what this is? Let me know if you need more info...
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    Operating system not found after XP setup

    Hi chaps, got a really strange one. Got a Acer Travelmate 4060 here with a failing hard disk although it does still boot to XP. So easy job, change hard disk, and load xp again. Well everything appears to go well, XP setup starts, finds the disk, partitions and formats it then starts copying...
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    Outlook To field: How can I backup auto fill list?

    Hi chaps, Probably a really easy one, I have just moved to a new PC and have everything restored the way I want it apart from the auto fill list I used to have in Outlook, where is this stored so I can pull it off the old HD? Thanks
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    MSI editing/installation not working, any MSI experts?

    Hi chaps, I have a piece of software that I'm trying to deploy via GP, something I've done several times, the deploying works but the registry key that I have manually entered in to the MSI via Orca is not working, I admit to having no knowledge of MSI's so this may be a really obvious problem...
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    Mirror DOS command?

    I seem to remember using this back in the day but it seems to have disappeared from XP and Vista, is there an alternative? Xcopy works well for an incremental backup with the /s /d /y switch but I want my backup drive to mirror my source files meaning when I delete something it's also deleted...
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    Find out what frequency other wireless networks are on

    I am having a lot of drop outs with a new Belkin router and would like to find out what the other 5-6 wireless networks in my area are operating on, is there a decent bit of software free or cheap that can tell me this?
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    Watching BBC iPlayer while I'm abroad

    Hi chaps, I want to use the iPlayer while I'm abroad on my laptop, problem is the BBC blocks everything but UK IP's. I have a BBC licence and obviously a UK broadband connection, is there a way of accessing the iPlayer via my router/IP at home? I already have a connection to my home pc via...
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    Windows Server 2003 SBE Admin rights problem on one PC

    Hi, I'm just learning Server 2003 and I have a PC here (win xp pro sp3)that has a problem with admin rights, although it's in the same group as all the rest it still does not allow any user apart from admin to change system time, device manager, add/remove programs etc etc, it's only this PC...
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    Any one any good with printers, hardware problem...

    I have a Epson Stylus Photo 2100 here that has decided to start printing really badly in that it only prints every other line so you end up with a completely unreadable page. I've tried the self clean with no joy and changed the cartridges, is there anything else to try, I'm not scared to open...
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    Changing boot drive letter

    Hi I have a machine here that was loaded with XP while the memory card reader was installed, this gave the HDD a letter of H: I have tried this method here ( ) to test if it would work but it has crashed the test machine so I really don't want to try it...
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    Large Excel Spreadsheets causing problems

    Well one in particular that gets used a lot in fact, the whole computer has been replaced and still the problem exists so the only conclusion is that the actual file is corrupt some how, the crash/error report relates to ntdll.dll. The weird thing is that if other PC's access this file it is...
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    Outlook express via LAN

    Hi chaps I have a bunch of users that want to practice sending emails to one another in outlook express for training purposes but they don't have an external POP and SMTP server or any kind of account, is there a way of setting one of these computers as an mail server so it all stays as local...
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    Alternative to Scandisk

    Is there a decent not too expensive program that is better than scandisk, I have a disk that has bad sectors and need to mark/fix them before I ghost it as after trying 3 programs trying to ghost they all fail with these bad sectors. Thanks for any info :)
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    LCD Compatible list for Laptop replacement screen

    Hi Chaps I have a toshiba laptop with a cracked screen, I have removed it and the tosh code is v000021010 I'd like to get one on ebay cheap but can't find the exact one although they look the same, is there a list some where of compatible part number? Cheers
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    Resize parititon on the fly within windows

    Can any one suggest the program to resize a NTFS partition on the fly please :)
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    Windows Server 2003 new setup

    Hi chaps I am a very advanced and experienced user of all Windows OS's including trouble shooting and fixing Windows since 3.1 and before that DOS. I build PC's for customers and trouble shoot hardware as well, there is pretty much nothing I can't fix when it comes to PC's basically :) I...
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    Sata drivers without floppy?

    I have laptop that needs a driver disk for sata drivers for xp but it has no fdd is there a way to preinstall it on the cd somehow? Or is there another way apart from a USB fed? Thanks for any ideas :)
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    Remote assistance for dummys

    Hi chaps, I wonder if you can give me a recommendation on a very simple and easy way to connect to a customer remotely, I have known various company's connect remotely when I or my customers have been speaking to them just by entering a website and click to start remote assistance, I want...
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    Build your own laptop

    This is something I have been wondering for a while. I currently buy 1 or 2 HP 530's a week for around the £280 mark. I would like to be able to build a similar spec and quality laptop for less if I build it my self, is this a possibility? If so where can I get the parts? Any recommendation...