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    Youtube like videos when away from PC

    Hey I am looking at a computer for a friend and when you are away from the computer for awhile a screensaver like deal starts playing random videos like you would do searching youtube for random owned/fail/cool/weird videos. It will have a advertisement video and say something about thanking...
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    FYI: TV Show

    TruTV 9pm April 21st Check your local listings :P
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    Hey all...Just wanted to post this up Tosh.0 | Video | Jumping my go kart I'm currently trying to get on tosh.0 and having it on the site helps me get on the show. Somehow I went from 95% thumbs up to 66% so Im hoping to get enough people to view it and give it a thumbs up. I am hoping for a...
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    Slow windows 7 recovery

    I got my aunts laptop with windows 7. When it starts it says windows is loading files and then it goes to a desktop wallpaper for along time then starts to scan to fix windows. I waited 3 hours and it still doesn't do anything but search. I can't boot into any type of safe mode it just does the...
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    Hey So a buddy wants me to put a Mac OS on XP. So I plan on using pearpc and doing it that way. The only real reason he wants it is because of the garage band program. Yes he knows about alternatives but he doesn't like any of them. So my question is will Garage Band work while the Mac OS is...
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    Long time no talk! Gonna try and come back more often now. Just saying hey I'm back and I'm rollin in my go-kart money. :lick:
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    Any Madden or MW2 players?

    Just wondering if any of you play Madden 10 or MW2 for 360? If you do whats your gamer tag if you don't mind me adding you so we can play.
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    Project Natal

    Pretty cool stuff Source: CNET
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    Anybody have a...

    Dreamcast that they are willing to sell? I have the itch to get one since I have been playing nfl blitz 2000 at my buddies house 3-4 hours a day for the past 3 weeks almost I searched ebay and I have a few ideas on who to try and bid on but I figured I would check on here since I trust you all...
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    2 sound cards...

    Hey everybody I have an audigy 2 zs sound card and onbaord ac97. I turned on my onboard one because it was disabled and it still doesnt detect it. See I have a car amp hooked up to my 2 12's using a power supply. I have an adapter i found where i can hook the rca cables to the adapter so i...
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    Not to sure...

    On where to put this since its sorta pc related Anyway I got 2 free 12's in a box with an amp. Works great But I want something bigger in my car so I am hooking it up in my house. I found out how to get the amp to turn on but i have no music source. I dont know what/how to hook the amp up to...
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    Bill Gates Retires...

    spoof All the youtube videos are crappy
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    The Song Remains the Same

    Well I won tickets through our local rock station. Going to see The Song Remains The same I really enjoy my classic rock so I am happy to go see this. Its going to be at the Cinema on big screen in hi-def :) Has anybody seen this yet?
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    Taxi Game??

    Hey everybody I was thinking of all the games I use to play back in 5th grade and all that. Does anybody know that game where you move the blocks to form a road for the taxi to get to the other end? I think its a taxi but maybe not? I can't think of the name at all. Any help?
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    Laptop HD to Desktop PC

    Hey all I am at VOC right now and I am trying to get XP to recognize a IBM Travelstar laptop HD but it keeps showing up as Unknown. I tried getting drivers but comes up as nothing Is there something I am missing? It is connected by USB. The adapter came with a disk but the disk don't have...
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    The result of...

    a friend who has a girl thats a hoe... So this is my new jeep I have had since the start of the month. There is a girl that always flirts with us guys and **** but she has a boyfriend but when he isnt around she messes with us but we just tell her no well some of us anyway lol Anyway...she...
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    Help with vehicle

    Hey So I got approved for this jeep and all that jazz yesterday. Only up to $6006 though :( I figured that guy should take $6000 no problem since the blue book is 5,600ish in excellent. Then again the jeep I am looking at has some extra stuff but again I would take $6000 and so would alot...
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    Any stores open today?

    So I got a PSP today for Christmas but no games or memory card for it so I can't even go online to put games on it until stores open. I was wondering if anybody knows of any stores that will be open today so I can go buy stuff for my PSP? I doubt there is anything open today though :(
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    Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

    Hello This is the first time I experience this problem. Luckly its not on my pc. In my voc class we have people mostly in the voc school itself bring computers to our class to fix. There is this Dell laptop that we had few a week or so that needed a new HD. Well I put xp in and did a boot...
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    The fight for Legal

    More recently, November 28, 2006, lawmakers held a public hearing on a bill that would make Michigan the 12th state in the nation to legalize medicinal marijuana. Governmental Operations...