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  1. Ferral_Imp

    Pesky Malware problem

    Hey peeps, This is the fourth time I've had to deal with this problem (I'm really considering either buying a mac or not letting my brother use my computer) and I really don't want to reformat again (this would make for the fourth reformat for Wired and I've had Wired for about 6 month). IE...
  2. Ferral_Imp

    Reinstalling XP on Dell Latitude

    Hey peeps (this time I'm not responsible) I've been trying to figure out how to reinstall windows xp on my brother's laptop for the past few days because he messed up the registry with a registry cleaner about a week ago. A few weeks before he messed around with the registry, he spilled tea on...
  3. Ferral_Imp

    Getting in the Christmas Mood

    I know the stuff really isn't tech related but I thought I'd post about my auctions anyway(a lot of them are holiday related).
  4. Ferral_Imp

    Does anybody know,.......

    ... is this site real? Do they actually make good on their claim that if you wait in line long enough you can actually get what you ordered? I was looking around Ebay and saw an auction there that linked to that site. And got curious if it actually does...
  5. Ferral_Imp

    Ferral_Imp's closet clearout sale

    Hey everyone, I've been slowly going through all my old computer junk and weeding out what I don't want/need/use anymore. So I thought I'd start a thread for everything and try to update it as I dig more stuff out and hopefully some of the stuff moves out the door. Currently most of the...
  6. Ferral_Imp

    [price check] laptop

    I've decided to sell my old laptop off but I really don't have a clue what it'd be worth. So I was wondering if you guys would mind telling me what you think it might be worth. The specs are as follows: 2.0 Gigahertz Intel Celeron 512 MB PC2100 RAM (upgraded from 256 MB) 40 GB 5400 rpm...
  7. Ferral_Imp

    Ok now what?

    I've been trying for about the past week to get the files transferred over via a network between my two computers using a crossover cable but everytime I run the files and settings transfer wizard on my old computer and tell it to use the network, it comes back saying that it can't find my new...
  8. Ferral_Imp

    What kind of cable?

    I think this is the right place for this. I want to transfer a few program folders and files over from my old laptop onto my new laptop and I was wondering what kind of a cable I need to connect both computers to do this. The old computer does not have any firewire ports, only has usb 1.1...
  9. Ferral_Imp


    Ok this is really getting to annoy me. For a while now I've been getting random port scans from the same ip address. At first these scans would occur maybe once or twice a week at most but now they're up to 3 and 4 port scans a day at times(Norton blocks the little pest for 30 mins after the...
  10. Ferral_Imp

    Stop those wigglers
  11. Ferral_Imp

    New Laptop

    Due to the fact that my current laptop will be turning 2 in the end of March and the fact that it can't really do anything gaming wise, I'm thinking of getting a new laptop and giving this one a break (probably upgrade it a little and just use it for minor web surfing and basic apps like word...
  12. Ferral_Imp

    Just curious

    Hey peeps I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of's Prepaid Icard service before. The reason I ask is cuz I saw a link for them on a site I visit on occasion. It was listed under the payment options and I was curious whether anyone had heard of it before...
  13. Ferral_Imp

    Web Browser Issues

    Let Me First Appologize If This Message Appears In All Caps To Anyone Else But I Can"t Help That My Web Browsers Are Acting All Funny And I Can"t Get Them To Act Normal Whenever I Try To Type Anything It"s All In Caps And I Can"t Get It Not To Do That Everytime I Click On A Link To Go To...
  14. Ferral_Imp

    Extra User Account

    Ok maybe someone can tell me what's going on here. I went to change the password on my one and only user account on this comp (outside the main admin account which is only available via safemode and doesn't appear under the user account list) to discover there was another account listed under...
  15. Ferral_Imp

    Lexmark All in one help

    Recently I got hit with an unknown little computer nasty and had to reformat my comp using the system restore disks that came with it. Everything went perfectly until I went to reinstall the software that came with my lexmark all in one. The cd that came with it cracked somehow either in...
  16. Ferral_Imp

    IE no longer default browser???

    Ok when I went to log onto the internet today, I got a message asking whether I wanted to use IE as my default browser or not. This makes no sense to me cuz it is my default browser and I haven't made any changes to my computer since I used it late last night into the early morning. Even more...
  17. Ferral_Imp


    Postcount????????????? Ummm I'm just curious but why do I suddenly have like 100 posts when I only had about 5-10 before the site moved? Is this a glitch or am I missing something going on here? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  18. Ferral_Imp

    Adware program help

    Hey peeps, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what adware programs exactly my NAV has turned up and how to remove them. I've tried running pestpatrol, Spy Sweeper, Adaware, Spybot search and destroy, and bazooka adware and spyware scanner. None of which seem to show these files. The...
  19. Ferral_Imp

    WJView Error??????

    When I turned my computer on a few mins ago, I got an error message saying "Error: Could not execute Main: The system can not find the file specified". I was wondering what this means and could it have anything to do with the weird glowing E that is now on my IE taskbar? I'm running Xp Pro...