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  1. indyjones

    Network woes

    Hi all, Firstly whoa its been a long time since I have posted, glad to see the forum is still going and hopefully the old names are still around :) Now on to my network problem. ;) My set-up is a netgear 5 port Gigabit switch hooked up to a second one that then hooks into my netgear...
  2. indyjones

    ebay - HTC Touch Diamond 2 - Loads of Extras

    Great phone will be sorry to see it go, please feel free to bid :) HTC Touch Diamond 2 Factory Unlocked Mint 2GB + Extras on eBay (end time 28-Mar-10 22:05:32 BST)
  3. indyjones

    Slow USB Transfers

    Hi All, Has anybody else noticed slow transfer speeds in windows 7? Running X64 ultimate....
  4. indyjones

    New Toy On Its Way: HTC Touch Diamond 2

    As the title, ordered it yesterday and it should be arriving tomorrow :) Looking forward to it, sure its no HD2 but it a better size for me and a good price.
  5. indyjones

    Application - Winfox (Firefox Jump lists)

    Found this today: Winfox Seems really good so far I am running the X64 build.
  6. indyjones

    EAX Support in Win7

    Hi all, Due to my Xbox360 going off for repair the other week I have started replaying Neverwinter Night 2 again as I did not actually finish it before. Now I managed to get past the annoying 'no 3d card detected error' by replaing one of the directX files on my X64 7100 build from that of a...
  7. indyjones

    More Mass Effect DLC on its way?

    Some news on maxconsole sounds promising I wonder if its a extra bit on the end to get things rolling fow ME2?
  8. indyjones


    Gutted switched the xbox on to get greeted by the three red lights of doom :(
  9. indyjones

    UK T-Mobile? Yay or Nay

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a new phone and I fancy the shiny new HTC touch diamond 2 :D Now the best deals I have seen is on T-mobile as it has included unlimited internet (1gig fair usage which is loads). The only thing is I have no experience with T-mobile just wanted to get some...
  10. indyjones

    Installing Windows on a Macbook

    Hi all, A friend at work wants me to upgrade his macbook to windows...... (joke). Seriously as having not used a mac for years is it fairly straight forward, had a look on apple's site and apparently you just run the bootcamp wizard? Any hints and tips will be much appreciated :)
  11. indyjones

    Are WD Raptors Worth it?

    Hi all, I need to replace a couple of hard drives on other systems at home, and I have two options, the first is to obviously buy new hard drives for them, the other is to use the two Seagate drives I currently have as raid 0 in my systems and buy something new. So on to my question would it...
  12. indyjones

    [Project] - Micro ATX Home Server

    Hi all, Following on from my other thread its modding time. Right Firstly this is what I am starting with: Lian Li Micro ATX case Enermax 380watt PSU Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R 6 onboard sata ports :) A dual core pentium 2140 (or something, it a cut down core 2 duo) 1 gig of ram My trusty zalman...
  13. indyjones

    Home Server Hard Disk Recommendations Please

    Hi All. I am running windows home server, and I want to increase my storage space. The Server currently has one Western Digital Green Power 500GB disk which has been fine, it also has a Seagate 500GB drive which has caused a lot of problems :( Now I will not be using a raid array (home-server...
  14. indyjones

    Network Window in Vista X64 Blank

    Hi all, Running Vista X64 SP1 Ultimate, and all of sudden the 'Network' window has gone blank :( Any help please?
  15. indyjones

    'Real World' Performance difference between X8 and X16 PCIe

    Hi All, Now on my HTPC I have a gigabyte (P45) mainboard with two physical PCIe x16 slots, the thing is one is electronically limited to x8. Now due to the hardware I have to go in there and the case layout it would make sense for the GFX card to go into the bottom slot (its a 9600GT). The...
  16. indyjones

    Yet Another Dead Ati Card

    Well that's wonderful, tried to watch Kill bill on bluray last night and was presented with a load of BSOD. I uninstalled the drivers to update as it had been a little unstable recently, only to find in restart i had screen artfacting everywhere even during post. So my sapphire ultimate hd2600xt...
  17. indyjones

    HTPC Upgrade Part 2

    Right been busy over the weekend upgrading the HTPC. So I have ended up with the following: HTPC 1 (main living room machine) Zalman HD160 Plus black case Zalman 9500 Cooler Tagan Modular PSU Gigabyte EP45-DS3 motherboard Intel E8200 CPU ATI Sapphire ultimate (passive heatsink) HD2600XT...
  18. indyjones

    What's people playing - crazy release schedule

    Hi all After a long slow patch things seem to have gone crazy on the games front and I have just seemed to be buying the constantly recenty. Over the last month, Fable II Fallout 3 Gears of War 2 GH: World Tour (full bundle) PES2009 Left for Dead and may well pick up Rock Band 2 (solus)...
  19. indyjones

    HTPC Upgrade Part 1

    Just ordered some nw bits for my HTPC Ordered the LG combo drive (HD-DVD & Bluray) and the very nice ASUS HDAV1.3 sound card :) I should soon be enjoying 1080P picture with 7.1 sound :D
  20. indyjones

    Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band

    Hi all, I sold my copy of guitar hero 3 last week as after playing rock band I wanted a full band setup as I found it a lot more fun to play as a group. My problem is I do not know if I should go for rock band or guitar hero: world tour. Now I do not know when the rock band 2 instruments are...