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    Fixed Spam on old thread

    Law firm using an old 2006 Dell issues thread to spam for their lawsuits.
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    Win 7 Home Premium Family Pack from XP Upgrade

    Went to buy the Family 3 pack of Home Premium to upgrade my older PCs. The "expert" at Best Buy told me you cannot use the WIn 7 Upgrade Disk to go from XP to Win 7. Personally I think this is bull droppings but now I'm uncertain and want confirmation. Has anyone actually done a clean...
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    PC Cleaning and Icky Link - Enjoy

    Why should I bother to clean my PC you ask? (Look at all 11 pages,they get worse as you go.) Filthy PCs: The X-rated circus of horrors ? The Register When you get back from heaving (the day after Thanksgiving is probably a bad time to see the above) here are some quick tips to avoid PC...
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    Is there ATI AIW Support on Windows 7 Yet

    Buddy is installing 7 Home Premium on a machine and the ATI AIW does not work with the Vista drivers. The trip to the ATI site shows no option for AIW drivers under Windows 7 OS (32 nor 64 BIT version) driver selections. Anybody got the...
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    Need help stuffing a ballot box..

    My niece is trying to win a web competition that may help her with her career. If you can please click on the link below and vote for the story in the middle - Amanda S. You can vote once per day so if you happen to think of it this week click on this link...
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    Anyone Tried Old XP Games on 7

    I installed virtualization and the XP emulator and it seemed to be running fine. Installed HW2 in the XP window (full screen) and it would not start up. Googled and tried all the recommended settings and stilll no joy. No HW2 splash screen. I'm not sure but it might have spit up on the CD...
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    Nero 9 Upgrade - Worth it?

    I've seen and participated in "Nero is loosing it" threads, but... I can get an upgarde to Nero 9 for $49. That is below my threshold of pain. Is it worth it or should I just stick with Nero 6? My beta testing on Windows 7 shows it is now compatible with Nero 6 (at least as far as I...
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    HD Reliability for Storage

    I have DVD's dying of old age and want to bulk storte them on a HD. Need a reliable one but 500 GIG plus units seem to have a 10%-15% infant mortality rate so I'm hesistant to go as big as I need. Please advise and vote.
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    Patch Tuesday Problem w/Zonealarm

    I have two computers that could no longer access the Internet after installing Tuesdays XP updates. One is XP Home the other is XP Pro. Zonealarm Free version blocks all internet access after the MS update and I can not unblock access without turning Zonealarm OFF. Zonealarm has all the...
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    Micro SD Flash - anyone having problems?

    I've bought 2 micro flash cards this spring. First (2 GB PQI) died after a few uses,the second (1 MB Kingston) appears DOA. Both acting the same now. Camera recognize them as defective. Ubuntu and XP won't recognize them at all (using laptop reader or flash USB reader on desktop). VISTA...
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    Need new DVD Player Home Entertainment

    Have transfered my VHS collection to DVD but 3 of my 4 Home Entertainment DVD Players are finicky playing them. One of the 4 palyers palys all of the DVDs most of the time. Yes, I have cleaned lasers, cleaned disks, confirmed no scratches, using the best blanks I can find (not saying much...
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    Speed Throttle in Ubuntu

    Running Ubuntu 8.04 on the laptop and the speed throttle application says the laptop does not support throttling. This is somewhat correct because speed step is not available in the Celeron M family (mine is a 520 Merom) but there is another method. XP and VISTA speed throttle is available on...
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    Need DVD Burner Recommendations

    The old Maddog (benq) seems to be dying (burn results falling off and read is getting twitchy) and I'm in the market for a new burner. Went through the cdfreaks recommendations and newegg customer comments and got a bad feeling about everything. Best at cdfreaks was 80% approval. 1 in 5 is not...
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    Networking Problem - no address assigned

    Network hardware and wiring has not changed. Put a new MB into my main computer that has 10/100/GB. Now I have to unplug and replug the network wire to get the router to issue an IP address. The hardware shows as connected ok (green lights and indication from windows the network is...
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    Freaky - HD shows as removable in Safely Remove ICON

    My main and only HD (160 GB SATA) shows as removable in Safely Remove hardware ICON. Any idea how it got there and how to get it out? And no, I'm not crazy enough to try clicking on it and slecting Stop. I replaced a VIA MB with an Nforce without a reinstall and this is the only problem I...
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    Need MB/CPU Advice - video upgrade went bad

    My new EVGA 8800 GT will not work in my ECS K8t890-A PCI-e 1.0 MB! I just got off the phone with EVGA (who have the best tech support I've ever encountered!!!!!!!!). Some of the older PCI-e 1 MB's are not compatible with the latest generation PCI-e 2 cards. EVGA does offer a firmware flash to...
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    USA Digital TV Converter Coupon Site Open

    The US Gov. site to get your free coupons has opened a day earlier than expected. Apply for your $40 coupons now before they run out. No lag or delays on site yet. Background: In ~13 months only digital broadcasts will be available in the USA by government mandate. To lessen the $60 billion...
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    Wireless and Wiredin Same XP PC

    Wireless and Wired in same XP PC Skipping the long sob story my main PC wired LAN is stuck at 10 Mbps due to HW issues that I have wasted too much time and money on trying to fix already. Just for grins I stuck an old 54 Mbps USB dongle on the PC and it connects up and works. BUT, I do not...
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    New Card out 8800 GT Sweet price/perform

    Nvidia finally put a real mid range card out there. Performance exceeds the 8800 GTS and approaches the 8800 GTX and the card is priced in the $250-300 range at newegg. Includes HDCP hardware decode, DX10, 512 RAM. Single slot card with good noise and reduced heat. The 256 RAM version is due...
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    Need Old Intel MB Graphics Drivers for XP

    I finally figured out why my laptop runs graphcs faster in VISTA than in XP. My VISTA install was running 11/2006 drivers, when I updated to the latest VISTA drivers (9/2007) the graphics performance slowed down markedly (28fps to 18 fps) which matches the speed I am getting with XP and the...