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    Need a new laptop

    Need to get myself a new portable machine - mostly for uni life. Will be planning to use it for programming/gaming/write-ups the usual etc. - will be my main computer for the next year or so, so needs to be fairly powerful. Been looking at the Sony Vaio Laptops - and really liking them, well...
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    [C++] Setting Printer to Duplex

    I am trying to put together a program which will change the settings of a printer to Duplex Printing (Printing on both sides). Here is the code I am using: char PortName[256] = {0}; char DriverName[256] = {0}; char PrinterName[256] = {0}; HANDLE hDevMode...
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    My design in IE

    Having a problem with a design i'm working on.. have decided to have a stab at using CSS. Here is the site: Now, I've been trying to make the design work in both IE and Firefox, however, once I fix something in either, it'll break it in the other. At the...
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    February 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    Same rules/guidelines as always: Thread Guidelines: Please adhere to Forum Guidelines. No pornography or overly suggestive images/wallpapers. If you are going to embed [Please do this over an attachment – It will save on system resources] your desktop, please keep it at or under...
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    February 2005 Avatars and Signatures

    Same rules/guidelines as always. Thread Guidelines: Avatars and Signatures: Be aware of the new Signature Sizes • Please read the Forum Guidelines and the Signature / Avatar Guidelines • No pornography or overly Suggestive images or Explicit language in either an avatar or...
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    VMWare + Linux

    Have been trying to install linux in VMWare for past three days.. have tried.. Mandrake 10.1.. Fedora Core 2 & 3 - none want to work. On all, Fedora Core 2 & 3 installs... with SCSI drive in VMWare.. it installs fine.. but when booting for first time it doesn't work.. it says: Kenerl...
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    hmm.. just got a visit from the parcel man.. with two large boxes.. fairly large boxes... in my name... i'm thinking... i haven't bought anything from ebay in a while.. wonder what surprise is in these boxes... So sign the thing... close the door... open boxes up.. and masses upon masses of...
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    Happy Birthday Sazar!

    Happy Birthday Mate. Just spotted your name on the B'day's list. Have a good one. MdSalih
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    Forum Guidelines Forum Guidelines To enhance the quality of the discussion, we ask that you abide by the guidelines outlined in this document when posting messages. Violation of these guidelines will result in a warning being issued, persistent warnings will result in either a permanent or...
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    Networking Crossword Puzzle

    Was in two minds wether to post this here or in General... then though it would get more of the attention it needs in here. Anyway... this is fairly self explanitory... got a fairly difficult crossword puzzle which I need some help solving. So without further ado... Enjoy :D MdSalih
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    GCSE Results!

    Its the big day today... 21st August :D - For all you UK-ers, and expecting yer GCSE results today... post up what yer got :) Gonna go into pick mine up in 50mins ... w00t ... MdSalih
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    View samples of all Installed fonts

    Used to have a HTML page which displayed a sample of all my installed fonts - which made it much easier to go through them and select the appropiate one for whatever it is I'm doing... I can't seem to find this HTML page anymore - done a google search on it too no luck :( Anyone here ever...
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    Parenting - Need info.

    Got an english exam tomorrow - some aspects of it is gonna be around parenting - have been given a sheet with some quotes on it about people and their impressions of parenting. Thats some of the quotes off the sheet I've been given. What I need is more information about parenting - from...
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    Icon Story check it out. MdSalih
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    Help Fund my Foundation for Rare Moneys (and promote

    heh :P Running a nice little referral game... to help meh pocket.. as well as promote :P visit this link: and follow the instuctions below, in my sig. Do remember all this is, is a GAME. Nothing more nothing less... your firewall wont...
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    The New Priest

    The new Priest was so nervous at his first mass that he could hardly speak. Before the second week in the pulpit he asked the bishop how he could relax. The Bishop said, "Next week, put some vodka in the water pitcher. After a few sips, everything should run smoothly." The next Sunday, the...
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    Anyone Understand polish?

    We got mentioned on this quite popular polish site: Again, madmatts excellent active desktop guide did it :D <--- lookie lookie :D For the non polish among us heres a rough translation by for the...
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    Fast and the Furious Audtion

    The Arizona Highway Patrol came upon a pile of smoldering metal embedded into the side of a cliff rising above the road at the apex of a curve. The wreckage resembled the site of an airplane crash, but it was a car. The type of car was unidentifiable at the scene. The lab finally figured out...
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    Facts to comprimise the belief of Santa Claus

    As a result of an overwhelming lack of requests, and with research help from that renown scientific journal SPY magazine (January, 1990) I am pleased to present the annual scientific inquiry into Santa Claus. 1. No known species of reindeer can fly. BUT there are 300,000 species of living...
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    Christina Aguilera - Dirty Remix That gave me some laughs :P MdSalih