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  1. Admiral Michael

    New Router

    I liked the Linksys E3000, but its about $90-130. It has a USB port and while I didn't try a HDD in it I was able to turn it into a print server. Only reason why I don't use it anymore is because I wanted a Apple Time Capsule so I could use Time Machine to back up my MacBook.
  2. Admiral Michael

    New Router

    as far as I know if you put the guest network in a different virtual network they can't access the other virtual networks.
  3. Admiral Michael

    New Router

    Well I used to use a Linksys WAP54G which is just an access point then later upgraded to a Linksys E3000 router and I put DDWRT on it. I was able to do virtual wireless networks on both but I never went into it too much. Now I use an Apple Time Capsule. Flashing would remove the feature...
  4. Admiral Michael

    New Router

    Personally I would do this: Modem>Switch>New Router for you >Old Router for him I know with ddwrt you can create virtual wireless networks, surely you can do this with tomato? If a router has a guest network flashing tomato on it would remove this feature.
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    Port Forwarding Help

    You want to access your router's web interface from your phone when not at home? You would need to setup remote administration on the router itself, not a port forward. From what I can find, it's under Administration. Look for Remote Access under Web Admin. Make sure you use a port other then...
  6. Admiral Michael

    Port Forwarding Help

    Leave the port forward you have now, you need that. If you have setup your router with your DynDNS credentials then replace the IP address on your phone app with your DynDNS name. What router do you have btw?
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    Port Forwarding Help

    If is the computer with Usenet then it looks like you have it done correctly. If you setup a DHCP reservation in your router it will make sure that PC always receives, it's like static DHCP; a static IP without having to configure the PC. If you want to use DynDNS you...
  8. Admiral Michael

    Port Forwarding Help

    No, DHCP reservations are for your internal IPs only. It just makes sure they always get the same 192.168.x.x address. You forward it like you would any other port, to the internal IP address that runs the service you want external access to. Then you didn't setup DynDNS properly. It's a...
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    New computer BSOD

    That option is in the BIOS, not in Windows. If you install Windows when AHCI was selected and it gets changed to IDE mode then Windows will fail to boot and vica versa. It has to do with SATA mode. AHCI is a better mode and yes a reinstall would fix it if that is the problem however changing...
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    Windows 7 Versions

    According to the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool my technet install is listed as Retail so it should work.
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    Streaming Video Connection

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the TV doesn't have to support WiDi since you need a receiver box. Your PC would have to support WiDi tho.
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    Virtual Drive Software

    I use Slysoft's Virtual CloneDrive on my Windows machines. It's free and it emulates a BD-ROM, it also includes mount/unmount options on the right click context menus.
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    Router Firmware

    I've used and like DDWRT, try that first :P
  14. Admiral Michael

    News Steve Jobs has died

    Re: Steve Jobs died. Rip
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    My case fan all of a sudden got REALLY LOUD!!

    It may overheat, it may do nothing. Hard to say but I myself would rather be safe then sorry.
  16. Admiral Michael

    My case fan all of a sudden got REALLY LOUD!!

    Don't stop the fan by putting something in the way, you should unplug it.
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    Has anyone gotten OSX Lion yet?

    I believe you have to be on snow leopard to upgrade. So you have to upgrade to Snow Leopard first then upgrade to Lion. I was able to upgrade from SL to Lion without loosing anything.
  18. Admiral Michael

    Has anyone gotten OSX Lion yet?

    It's pretty decent. I have no complaints.
  19. Admiral Michael

    How to charge a stranger.

    This is the same problem I face when I fix someone's computer. Also, if he isn't going to pay for the Win7 upgrade and wants to use other means of getting it I wouldn't do it.