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  1. trackrat

    Asus agrhhhhhhh.

    I thought I would try AMD again so I purchased a Phenom 940, an ASUS M3A79T-Deluxe and 2 X 2Gb Crucial 1066 memory. I always build outside the case so if anything is wrong it is easier to get at. I put it together, switched the PSU on, the power button lit up, I pressed it, the HSF whirred...
  2. trackrat

    Computer shutting down randomly.

    AMD 64 X2 4600, Foxcon mobo, 2 x 1gb DDR2, Antec 400watt PSU, Nvidia 7600GT 256mb, Silverstone case. This computer is having problems. After running perfectly for two months when I was playing a game of Tetris it suddenly shut down, I restarted it and when the bar on the splash page was going...
  3. trackrat

    Asus Express Gate (Slashdot.)

    Has anyone got one of these motherboards?. How reliable is Express Gate?, and does it work well or is it buggy. As I mainly use Linux the thought of booting from cold to a Linux environment in 10 seconds, to use e-mail and surf the net appeals to me. I also need a new motherboard for my 9850BE.
  4. trackrat

    DVDRW problem

    I have just put together a computer for my nephew, specs as follows. Asus A8N SLi motherboard AMD X2 3800 processor Crucial 2 X 1gb DDR400 Samsung 160gb HD SATA ATI X300 PCI-e graphics card LG DVDRW SATA drive Sony DVD Rom IDE drive Antec case Antec 380w PSU XP Home OEM. I have not...
  5. trackrat

    Strange problem at start up

    When I boot into Xp, the Asus splash page shows as normal, then the XP screen comes on and the green bar starts moving across, then the screen goes grey, and then black and after about 10 seconds the mouse arrow appears and it boots into windows normally. This started to happen about a month...
  6. trackrat

    Graphics Card Problem?

    A friend has just phoned me, hwe has aproblem with his computer. He is running XP pro with SP2. He switched on his computer and the windows loading page with the bar that goes across came on then the screen went blue and then black, so he rebooted and just a black screen. Could the graphics...
  7. trackrat

    XP live bootable CD/DVD

    I have just come across this on Langalist and it seems a step in the right direction for those who do faultfinding especially on NTFS volumes.
  8. trackrat

    Cannot install SuSe or run a live CD

    I am having problems getting linux on to my new computer. SuSe 9.2 pro will not install properly and trying to run Knoppix or Mepis from live CD`s produces this problem. PCI: Cannot allocate resources region 3 of device 0000:02:00.0 I cannot run the Ispci command as I cannot get Linux to run...
  9. trackrat

    AVG problem

    I have used AVG for about 3 years now without a problem. When I clicked on to the E-Mail (OE), a pop up came up by the clock saying auto pop3 connecting to and I could not access my e-mail then it went to AVGE-mail scanner and allowed my e-mails through, also the AVG 4...
  10. trackrat


    A friend of mine is having my old computer (AMD 2200xp processor / 2x512mb crucial DDR ram ASRock mobo / Maxtor 80gb / maxtor 40gb ) He has asked me to put Windows ME & Windows XP on the two hard drives. Has anyone got this configuration and are there any pitfalls to installing XP after ME has...
  11. trackrat

    Icons not working in KDE

    have co**ed it up. The icons for CD/DVD/Floppy on the desktop are no longer working in KDE, although they still work in Gnome. I was experimenting with alterations to the desktop and after none of the icons would work when I click on them. I am running SuSe 9.2 pro. Anyone got any ideas as...
  12. trackrat


    Need some advice on a PCI-E 6600GT card, has anyone used one and which is the best. I am building an AMd 64 with an Abit AX8 mobo so any advice would be helpful.
  13. trackrat

    32 to 64 bit transfer

    Is it possible to transfer the data off my old computer (32bit) to the new one I am building (64bit) The old one has XP home on it the new one will have XP Pro 64 bit Edition on it. If it is possible, can the transfer be done with a crossover cable.
  14. trackrat

    Internet radio.

    Is it possible to record to the hard drive a radio station broadcast so you can listen to it later. If so how do you go about it. And is it legal to do it.
  15. trackrat


    Hi I use Opera to browse the web and for E-Mail, somehow I have lost part of the title bar (file, edit , view bookmarks etc, can anyone tell me how to get them back. I have tried right clicking the blue bar on top but their is no option to restore it.
  16. trackrat

    E-Mail problem

    A friend at work has this problem. He can download his e-mails but when he clicks on them they will not open in OE. From what I can gather he is using XP Home. Also he says the provider of his e-mails is, although his e-mail & internet is provided by can anyone make...
  17. trackrat

    AS Rock K7S8X

    Is their anyone running a Linux distro who has an AS Rock K7S8X mobo with a SiS746 chipset because I have tried to install FC2 Mandy 10 & Debian and non will complete the install and after searching around I have found it is a problem with the chipset. So has anyone managed to get a Linux...
  18. trackrat


    I have 2 drives on my computer and on the second drive I intend to put linux on which means I will use the GRUB loader to duel boot. If it all goes wrong can I use the repair function on the XP cd to restore the master boot record back to just XP or do I have to edit the boot ini file?.
  19. trackrat

    Nvidia drivers

    Have just installed MDK 10 and their is no driver to support my graphics card (GF5700) so I went onto the Nvidia site and downloaded the driver and burnt it to disc. Then I started up the Linux computer and went into root mounted the cd and checked the cd directory was available(mkdir...
  20. trackrat

    A strange one------Wingdings

    A friend at work who has XP home on his computer asked me if I had ever heard of a virus or a trojan that when downloading of the internet comes out as wingdings. Apparently anything he downloads to the desktop comes up in the wingding font and even if he changes the font next time he reboots...