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  1. LordOfLA

    Ubuntu client ldap for implicitly trusted servers

    On ubuntu clients (certainly 12.04/12.10) for some daft reason they linked ldap-utils against gnutls and linked that against a broken crypto backend due to GPL issues. If you trust the server you are talking to implicitly then make /etc/ldap/ldap.conf look like this: # # LDAP Defaults...
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    8 Core AMD FX Processor blows intel 980x clean away at half the price!

    AMD FX Processors Go Head To Head | Competitive Performance For AMD's New Eight Core Processor - YouTube I want one! Enjoy!
  3. LordOfLA

    View from orbit

    What Does It Feel Like to Fly Over Planet Earth? [Video] - How-To Geek ETC Enjoy!
  4. LordOfLA

    News Windows 8 Developer preview now available!

    Okay I'm a bit late on this one: Windows Dev Center Click the Get Started link under "Download the windows developer preview" to get a few options to download. Enjoy!
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    ...who was expecting Google to buy Motorola Mobility any time soon?
  6. LordOfLA

    News Spotify now in USA

    Spotify has landed in the U.S. Sign up to get your invite now - Spotify Popular European music streaming service Spotify is now available in the US. Free accounts are currently in an invite queue, if you don't want to wait premium accounts start at $4.99. I currently have a Premium European...
  7. LordOfLA

    Outlook 2010 Attachment security group policy not applying...

    Hey guys! Anyone have a clue on this? I'm trying to configure Outlook 2010 via a GPO to allow certain attachment types to just work for the end user - namely office file and pdf files. Currently the user has to save to desktop, work on file, resend. End user wants to just click...
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    YouTube - ?Patch 4.2 - /roar emote sounds - Alliance?‏ YouTube - ?Patch 4.2 - /roar emote sounds - Horde?‏ Enjoy!
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    Website password security

    Given the Gawker media password leak the other day I figure it may help some users/visitors to use a secure password tool for their web site login management. I've just gone around all my regular sites and used LastPass (LastPass - Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management) to sort out...
  10. LordOfLA

    Most epic wow thread evar!

    World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> You awaken in Razor Hill. Enjoy!
  11. LordOfLA

    Export cPanel mailboxes and aliases to SQL

    I just finished hacking up a CLI PHP script to take domains, mailboxes and aliases/forwarders from a cPanel machine and dump the details in to a SQL file for import in to a MySQL database. I do some "post processing" on the data to fit what I personally may need if I ever come to convert the...
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    If you guys post any more furiously you'll crash the server...
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    PHP MVC Tutorial series

    Those of you looking to take steps towards MVC development with PHP may want to take a look at the following tutorial I found linked from nettuts: CodeIgniter and Doctrine from scratch.Day 1 – Install and Setup. | PHP and Stuff It details how to integrate Doctrine which is a database ORM...
  14. LordOfLA

    For Sale (UK): Xbox 360 Elite, Logitech Z-5500 Speakers

    I'm selling my old PC speakers, the Logitech Z-5500 THX 5.1 setup and my xbox 360 elite. Both are in good condition, the xbox has been rarely used. All parts and accessories that came with them are included. I'm looking for £140 or near offer for the Logitechs, this is a saving of £100 off of...
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    DragonAge Character creator now available!

    Get it at Dragon Age Origins - Home Enjoy!
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    coolest fan ever! Enjoy!
  17. LordOfLA

    LCD Test & Calibration guide

    LCD monitor test images Best I've found yet for getting as near optimal display setup as possible with eye balls as the measuring device :)
  18. LordOfLA

    Asus Xonar Drivers

    Those of you using (or intending to) Windows 7 with asus xonar sound cards may want to disable the HsMgr from starting at boot. Current drivers (PCI_D2_090508_8_17_71) cause applications to hang while HsMgr and its 64bit companion are running. Said sound card owners now owe me some beer...
  19. LordOfLA

    Wake up call?

    Watched Spielburgs war of the worlds dvd again today. Gotta get an alarm clock with that sound :D
  20. LordOfLA

    Latest additions to my home cinema setup...

    And some black bookshelf speakers on stands round the back :) Got these from for under £100 + postage, research indicates these were well over £800 when the guy bought them brand-new several years back. Looking around speaker tech hasn't changed much since. Coupled with the Asus...