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  1. X-Istence

    Happy Birthday ElectronicPunk

    Hey EP ... happy birthday mate!
  2. X-Istence

    Happy Birthday Perris!

    The forums say that you are turning a 109 years old, although I sincerely doubt that I do wish you a happy birthday!
  3. X-Istence

    Windows 7 doesn't see my IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard

    I have a Dell knock-off IBM Model M (from what I have heard these knockoffs were authorised) but for some reason Windows 7 does not see it at all. It is plugged into the PS/2 port and the BIOS is able to use it without issues, but as soon as I am started into Windows it refuses to let me use it...
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    Happy Birthday Evil Marge!

    Happy 43rd (that is what the forums say!) Birthday Evil Marge!
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    New favourite Top Gear clip

  6. X-Istence

    Windows 7 hanging before installer

    When I go to start the Windows 7 install it never completes booting into the setup menu, it just hangs at the glowing orb slowly fading the windows logo in and out. I've tried everything I could think of short of throwing the computer out of the window. It is a Shuttle xPC (I will attempt to...
  7. X-Istence =)

    I know a couple of spammers-paradise's members check here more often than they do over there, so I am going to post something important for them to read here: Being honest with you guys - Spammers Paradise Just wanted to make sure I had my bases covered in an attempt to find a possible suitor...
  8. X-Istence

    News Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Deals

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Deals Lenovo is offering a fantastic deal for those who are looking to purchase an Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e. It is offering a 30% discount on any quantity of 22-inch L2250p monitors purchased in conjunction with the M75e. I reviewed the 19-inch L1951p and it is an...
  9. X-Istence

    Review Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e and Lenovo ThinkVision L1951p

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e I've had the pleasure of playing with the new Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e since my last post: The first AMD powered Lenovo M-Series to be released on Oct 19th. They sent me the following unit to play with: - CPU: Quad Core AMD Athlon II X4 640 - RAM: 4 GB's of RAM...
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    Fixed Email Notifications

    Hello, Since the mail server has not yet been moved, and the SPF records have not yet been updated you will not be receiving any email messages from the forums. I do apologise ahead of time. Cheers, Bert
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    Fixed - Currently not being updated

    Heya fella's, I am not sure how many of our members still use this service, and would definitely like a count of users if at all possible, as of right now the service isn't being updated (it should still be generating images) because of possible security implications with the way the script...
  12. X-Istence

    The first AMD powered Lenovo M-Series to be released on Oct 19th

    Lenovo and AMD have come together to create a new business oriented desktop machine named the ThinkCentre M75e. The M75e is going to be part of the line-up strategically positioned towards businesses of all types, it will come with a wide range of options to customise the computer to the...
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    Favourite Top Gear Episode

    I laughed so hard at this episode that my room mates came and checked up on me: YouTube - Peel P50
  14. X-Istence

    Chinese keyboard

    I am looking for a traditional chinese keyboard that I can use with my Mac. Does anyone know where I can get one of those in the US? Or even an online site that can ship one to me?
  15. X-Istence

    Windows Hyper-V Server 2008

    So, I wanted to play around with Windows Server 2008, or at least the HyperV part of it. I have a AMD 64 X2 4200+, with 4 GB's of ram and for some reason the installer refuses to boot. It gets to the screen where it says "Loading", where normally the Windows logo would appear animated and...
  16. X-Istence

    Review RingCentral - A virtual PBX solution

    As a small business all of the people working for us have their own cell phone. Our customers per project have a point of contact that they can call with their issues, but there was no central phone number that they could call to reach a team in emergencies. Also if we had multiple customers...
  17. X-Istence

    IE 9 Preview

    I think hell may have frozen over: Internet Explorer 9: Platform Demos Looks like Microsoft is committed to support CSS 3 and HTML 5. ****in' amazing!
  18. X-Istence

    Open tabs

    I was just about to head to bed, after a long day of research, interviews and fencing club, and almost closed all of my windows with all of my tabs in them. 1 days research means I have opened 22 tabs on further reading I still have to do. I have asked Google more than 150+ questions, and...
  19. X-Istence

    Happy Birthday Jewelzz

    I just noticed down at the bottom that today is Jewelzz' birthday! Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!
  20. X-Istence

    Advertising pays

    I just recently read a very cool web blog post which explains how advertising pays for websites, and that no lunch is free, and how those of you that are blocking advertising are suggesting that it is okay if you block them, and that others will pay for the website to continue running itself...