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    Software / Driver Updater

    hey ! i was searching for a long time for a program that searches the current installed software and finds new version. the updater of filehippo is great... but i found other program called RadarSync 2007 that searches for drivers also. the things is that it isn't free.. so my question is...
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    Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 & deleting a folder

    Hey ! I used PM 8 to create a partition some weeks ago, and after i finished using it, i used PM back to restore that the partition back to the original drive. during the process i was asked if i want to put all the content of the drive in a folder in the new drive. a folder was created, that...
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    Installing Vista twice

    Hey ! I received finally my legal version of Vista. First : Is it possible to install it in 2 different machines ? desktop and laptop. Second: If it is possible, is it legal ? I remember something that it was possible up to 3 pc or something like that ? tnx.
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    Video to Ipod

    Hey ! I got a new Ipod and i am searching for a program that can code my videos into the ipod format with the size and sound options. and keep the quality and etc. anyone know a good one ?
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    Cannot Change Backgrounds

    Hey ! I didn't do anything special on my pc, xp sp2, and somehow as you can see on the pics, i cannot change my desktop backgrounds. it is like disabled. I tryed to resotoring the pc 3 days back, and still the same. Anyone seen this ?
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    [request] Flash gallery

    Hey ! I am searching a free flash gallery like to display pictures. i've seen many times sites like the one i randomaly found that has a flash gallery. this is the site, about a wedding. I am searching for something like that, but if it can be free better.
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    home network question (synchronizing)

    Hey... some weeks ago i got a laptop and i bought a wireless laptop... my network and internet is all fine... i got a little issue i would like some help... i got on my main desktop my outlook pst file..and currently my laptop outlook uses the same file on the network. but i would like to...
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    Media Players

    Hey ! I was wondering what media player are you using and why ? Which one do you think it is the best overall. I used a lot Media Player Classic and WMP v11.0. Just saw the new (maybe old) BS player and was just wondering..
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    Upgrade from RC1 to new beta and other...

    Hey ! Is there any way of updating RC1 to the new beta without downloading all the 2.5 gigs file.. and... On my current Vista test machine, i got a Nvidia GeForce 6600 LE. In Vista's games i got gfx glitches as you can see on the picture. it happens in all games. I trying using vista's...
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    ID3 tag software

    I used some time ago a program that changes ID3 tags to my music collection and it had an option to conect to a database and to change the id3 according to that, somehow almost all my collection has wrong id3 info now. I want to start to fix it, so i am wondering if you know a good id3 tag...
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    Nero DVD burning question : 4.7GB discs or 4.5GB ?

    Hey ! I am using NERO to burn my discs and things. I wanted to burn some backup files on a dvd, and on the DVD it says that the size it is 4.7GB (like any dvd). On Nero I get a maximum DVD space of 4.5GB. Where did those 200MB's go ? I need to configure something ? BTW, I am using latest...
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    Installing Ubuntu II

    Hey ! I am new into all the linux things.. i got from a friend a ubuntu cd case with a live cd and and installation cd. I created a new partition on my sec. HD and i ran the installation cd and it installed it all. In the end of the installation i got asked to install a boot loader cause it...
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    Best Compression Utility

    Hey ! Being using winrar for years... anything, better or maybe faster ? if yes, please tell me and explain :D tnx.
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    Double Boot Xp SP2 and Vista Beta 2

    hey ! I got currently on my main drive (c:) xp sp2 and i partitioned another drive to install there vista on j: How do i install to keep xp as main system and double boot to vista ? is it included in the vista installation ? Thanks :)
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    Photoshop CS2 and monitor problem.

    hey ! I installed back my photoshop after a format and getting a new monitor and when i open photoshop it says there is a profile problem with my monitor.. btw, i've got a lg lcd.
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    Automatic Dial up

    Hey ! I got an Ethernet ADSL Modem/routher and i use a shortcut to a dialup connection to connect to the internet where i login to my ISP. Is there anyway to make this process automatic ?
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    ID3 and MP3 help

    Hey ! I used a program to add id3 info to some mp3's but it downloaded wrong info and the thing is that it changed the files name too. is there a program that can repair it ? like finding the right id3's of each file and thus, renaming the files back ? thanks.
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    Outlook display problem

    Hey ! I use Outlook 2003. When I see a mail in the Preview panel I see it aligned as it was sent, to the left. When i want to reply it changes the alignment to right to left, i try to change setting in the options but i didn't succeed. anyone can help me ?
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    TCP / IP Patch

    I just formated my pc and I rememberd that there used to be a patch to patch a tcp /ip problem on xp sp2 so i can download faster ? where can i find that file ? tnx.
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    Vista VS

    Hey ! Is there a new VS like Vista ? and updated longhorn VS ? tnx