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    DirectX 10 and Windows XP

    Hey, I was just wondering... Do I need Windows Vista just to run games on DirectX 10? -thx
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    anyone played DIRT?

    Looks like a off-road Need for Speed form the trailers and pic.. How does it play?
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    2900XT length?

    How long are these cards? I'm looking on newegg but they dont have the size listed. My 6800GT just barley fits in my LIAN LI PC-65B right now. and its about 8-9 inches. -thx
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    anti virus and firewall needed?

    I'm thinking about buying Windows Vista "Ultimate". will i need to buy a whole seperat firewall and virus scan. is the ones it comes with good? -thx
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    64-bit or 32-bit

    Hey guys... I was just wandering about the gaming and application compatibility that 64-bit processors have compared to a 32-bit one. I’m thinking about purchasing a new Intel Core 2 Extreme with Windows Vista Ultimate. My question is will more games and programs work with the 32-bit...
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    Classic Theme?

    Hey is there a classic simple graphic theme in Vista?..
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    64bit or 32bit

    should i go with 64bit or 32bit... what will run games better in the end? -thx
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    ATI and DirectX 10

    Hey, when is ATI releasing a video card that supports DirectX 10? -thanks
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    Desktop Icons and WMP move around

    Hey, Its been awhile now that my desktop icons start moving around. One second i'll be looking at my desktop and after surfing the web for a bit i look back and their all over my desktop! Also happens with windows media player... The window size will contract and get expanded out of...
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    Dust Spray

    Hello, Is it ok to use that desk dust spray can for the insides of your computer and the chips?
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    Simple question about page filing

    Should I have page filing enabled on partitions that do not include an OS on them? - Will it make a difference?
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    motherboard photo

    took this with my new 20D.
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    Just a Windows XP pro security Q

    Hi guys, I have a folder with my artwork in it and I made it off limits to other users on this machine. But If I were to format Windows Pro XP off my main HD would I be able to access the folder with another operating system or even if I were to reinstall windows pro? I’m guessing if you could...
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    oh no!

    I have XP Pro and was kind of messing around with folder sharing settings and trying to learn. Well, I ended up setting “Users (SYS1\Users” to “Deny Read and Execute \ List Folder Contents \ Read”. It was my downloaded files folder and I do have them on backup but I was wondering is there a way...
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    Is LITE-ON a very good quality company? I am thinking of buying a DVD burning and player from them...
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    My new memory.

    Hi, I just got my new memory today. I already have 1gig so this is my second. It is the same TWINX model as my two other ones… but when I boot with them installed my two S-ATA hard drives cannot be detected. I took the two new sticks out about 3 times and reinserted them – booted up in...
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    Hitman: blood money trailers?

    Is there a web site out there with a collection? I here about so many of them but never have found one yet..
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    Half-Life 2 how many times?

    Well, how many times have you finished the game? I'd have to say 4. :laugh:
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    Lian Li

    Hey, anybody here have a Lian Li "PC-61" case? I just bought one for $100 last night and was wondering what someone thought about it... I did read some great reviews about all their cases and I wanted simple but nice case so I went with this one. Anyone? :nervous:
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    Front case USB Connention?

    Hello, I am thinking of buying a new case but I'm not quite fond about the new ones these days with the USB front inputs... Well, what I was wondering is where do those get connected to? -thank you