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    RAID Setup

    Hi all, Thread 2 of the day is RAID related. I have an Asus Maximus motherboard which has onboard RAID (hardware). I have two western digital drives (RE/RAID edition) which are a simple mirrored setup. It works fine for as much as a month (the machine rarely turns off and is on 24/7) but...
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    Network Setup Help

    Hi all, Not been here in a long time so apologies if anything has changed in the mean time! Got a few issues regarding networking and I'm a bit stumped. Usually I run a single router/model/wireless access point but the recent failure of my 3rd Netgear unit, I decided to split the units up...
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    P4C800+HT+SB Audigy2

    Just to let you know I dont know if this applies for the above board users, but defintly Hyperthreading and Audigy 2 users There is a known conflict that affects quite a lot of people but not all. With HT on, you will experience one of many problems including lockups bsods various...
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    I'm Back!

    Ello guys/gals/those who dont know who you are ive been visiting ntfs every day but never realised that in not signing in, i lost my account lol so i re-registered and here i am time to put those cells back to work hope all of you lot are cool... and this year is gonna be good to you...
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    A 40GB drive saying its a 30GB

    I have a IBM Deskstar 41.0GB Hard drive but it only reads as 30 something gb. I suspect that it has permanent bad sectors. Any other explanations? I have done multiple formats & used ibms own HDD format disk, but nothing has helped. Can any one suggest anything or is it a permanent sort of...
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    nic probs

    Got a problem with a network card.... operating system XP pro newly installed/formatted network card, tried 2 x realteks same problem problem: Installed XP, i am on a LAN no probs, sharing the net, file transfer all ok next morning, swtich machine on and the connection is 10mbit...
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    Limiting Bandwith

    Hey all Can someone tell me if there is a way, and how, to limit bandwith to a computer. I have a network LAN of 5 computers, including one machine that connects to the net via modem, that the other 4 machines connect through via ics/proxy. Now one of the 4 machines is taking lots of...
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    ICS Problems

    Sorry to repost this but things have changed and so I want to make a fresh start. Heres the problem I have 4 machines now altogether on a 5-port hub. All 4 are on XP. Machine 1: ICS Server. All this has is windowsXP and basically we use it on the network to connect to the internet via...
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    ICS - Slow

    Hello, Heres the setup: Dedicated Windows XP Machine setup as ICS Server with 10/100 NIC Machine 1: Machine 2: Machine 3: Machine 1-3 run on XP too. Now, Machine 2 and 3 work perfectly however, Machine 1 is having flaws. I would...
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    New Machine Finally!!

    Well got my new machine built finally. ASUS A7V333 with Raid, firewire, 4xusb2.0 4xusb1.1, 6.1 sound. 1800XP Athlon XP 512MB DDR Coolermaster HCC002 cooler. I highly recommend the board! Its real nice stable and full of features. Only problem is Hauppauge WinTV card seems to be...
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    I cant remember if i posted this before.... i use sygate personal firewall and ive had to stick it on 'allow all' because i cant figure out how to let it enable file/printer sharing in the LAN. If its on normal, it will allow ICS in the network but not file and printer sharing. any...
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    DVDrom dissapearing

    Hi guys got a prob built a client an upgrade from his old machine. From the old machine the DVD rom : Pioneer DVD-A02R Anyway, I installed XP fresh on the new HD via the standard CDrom drive i also took from that machine. No Problems Then once i got into windows, i noticed the...
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    Norton Antivirus 2002 and XP: Problem

    Hey, Never had this problem before however, i noticed it first on my moms machine. Taking no notice of it, i got a new hd for myself and obviously reinstalled. the same problem on my moms machine (also on XP) has occured on mine. Basically... I installed Nav2002, its fine. Do a...
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    autoconnecting DIALup=annoying!

    ok everytime i disconect, the modem redials the isp or i turn the machine on and log on, it dials the isp Where are the options to turn off this 'when connection is needed, auto dial' ive got my finger pointing to msn msger/ i checked in control panel>system>advanced in the ICS area as...
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    IBM Deskstars: constant HD activity

    since i put in the new HD, reinstall etc (old hd is on a drive caddy-removable) ive noticed these 'click' 'click' motions.. i could be just typing this and it would happen. never happened in the old drive the new one as far as i know.. clicking in the sense as if its trying to 'do something'...
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    autconnecting dialup

    i'm sure there was a post in here but after looking through all 7 pages couldnt find it.... when the client machine is on, my modem on the host machine starts dialling i figured its msn msger' so i asid cancel sign in and disconnected the modem minute later i go into start menu.... starts...
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    allocating speed to client machines

    Is there a way to allocate each client machine with 'x' number of kbps? i noticed in ICS.... the client machine tends to suck all my bandwtih up leaving me with like nothing even if it was 50/50 i wouldnt mind. 56k here only
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    harddisk activity while both machines on

    hi i built a new machine as the old one i thought could not handle being a 'host' on the network now its a 1900xp with 1gb ram when its offline its great.... when its online its great damn fast but when i turn my client machine on (which is connected to this machien via hub and ahs ICS)...
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    AOL and ICS

    First of all dont kill me, i HAVE to use AOL because of the lack of any ISPs and Broadband supported in my area. ok now for the prob does AOL work with ICS? I have a hub connected to my machine (host) and 3 clients the host is running AOL and i want the clients to access the internet using...
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    msn4.6 + ads? egads!"

    whats going on msn 4.6 got adds? any one know a way to remove them it takes that much more of my screen space :P