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    New folder keeps appearing in Vista

    Just took my sony viao laptop back to factory settings,and everythings fine,apart from a New folder(nothing in it)keeps appearing on the desktop every day or so.Any ideas??
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    Acer Aspire 5103 Shared Video Memory Problems

    HI, have just got a new acer aspire 5103wlmi with 2g of memory and a ati x1300 with 128mb of memory.It says it can be upgraded to 896mb of system memory.Theres no setting in the bios for display driver/shared memory.Can you please help me.I havent changed anything on the laptop at all.Its all as...
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    Paintshop pro 9 problems

    HI,been using psp9 for a while now,but all of a sudden when i double click on a picture file,psp9 starts up but i get an error message saying windows cannot find the path for the file,please make sure the path is correct.This happens all the time now,the only way i can open picture files is by...
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    Corrupted mp3s help

    I recently formatted the wrong partition on my pc with all my mp3s etc.I used Easy recovery proffesional and got them all back.But most of the files wont play,i get an error message off media player C00D1199: Cannot play the file,any sugguestions on this one.Also some of the mp3's are not the...
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    Missing Memory On Xp Pro

    Hi,can anyone help me,i recently did a format and installed xppro+sp2 and all my drivers etc,etc,but windows is saying in device manager etc that all i have is 1.50gb of memory,but i have 4 sticks of 512 installed,they sticks are all ok & the bios says i have 2gb??Any help anyone.:cry: :cry...
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    Home page not showing

    When i connect to the net,via b/band my homepage(plusnet)will not show it just comes up the white page saying check your browser settings etc.It does the same when i change to a different homepage.If i wait 10seconds or so then refresh the page it comes up.I cant figure it out.I have winxp pro...
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    Best software for cloning HDD

    Can anyone recommend any software,freeware if poss or pay,to copy all my HDD data to another one which will be a backup,my backup hdd is a usb2.On my existing hdd,i have 5 partitions 1 of which is XP PRO.Many thanks
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    Oc Help For Gf6800

    Hi,i bought a msi gf6800 td128,and i want to know if i can unlock the extra pipelines,and basically how to do IT,and check if there working,etc,etc,i used to use a softmod driver for my ati aiw9800se which turned it into a pro,is there anything similiar.Sorry if this has been asked before.i have...
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    MSI Geforce 6800 128mb - Unlocking Pipelines

    Hi ive just bought a msi gf6800 128m td128,i understnd that you can enable all the pipelines,is this via a driver or what?I had a ati aiw which via the driver from softmod,unlocked it from a 9800se to 9800pro,is they such a thing?Can someone advise me .Thanx :confused:
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    External backup device

    Hi i want to be able to back up my whole drive(4 partitions)in case my c drive(winxp pro)crashes,i need a 120/160g drive,usb2 or firewire or both,any recomendations as ive been looking,i dont know whats best.Thanx :confused:
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    Pc Keeps Restarting

    Help,since thsi evening,when i use my card reader(on my epson cx6600),and or if i plug my digital camera in,windows says found new drive,the removal drive etc,then it says hardware installed,then the pc restarts.I was all working fine yesterday,i have xp pro sp2,NAV2005,zone alarm,and adware...
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    How to password protect a folder??

    Can you password protect a file in winxp pro,if so how do you do it.many thanks :confused:
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    Missing send to cdwriter on sendto menu

    When i right click a file to be burnt to disc using xp's on s/ware all i get listed is my dvdwriter as the choice,but not my cdwriter,it was there about a week ago,but its dissappeared,and ideas how to fix it.Many thanks. :confused:
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    Windows Xp Sp2 Security Alerts Problem

    Hi i have xp pro with sp2 installed,i have the xp firewall off and have sygate firewall installed.Everytime i reboot or switch it on i have an alert come up saying there is no firewall installes so i tick the box for i have another firewall program and not to alert me.Next the pc is switched on...
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    Audigy1 problems

    Hi can someone please tell me where to put my headphone jack on the back of by audigy1 card,as ive tried every socket on it,also do i need to alter anything in windows xp pro or alter anything on the creative side of things.Please help.Many thanks :(
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    WIN98se updates

    Hi wonder if any of you good people can help me,got given a old pc from my dad,ive formatted it got the drivers all on,but i want to update windows.Is there anywhere i can download the whole onto my pc (broadband),the put them onto a disc & then onto the old pc.The old pc doesnt have a network...
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    Amd Xp3200 Temps?

    I have a asus delux a7n8x,1gig cosair ddr400,xp3200 with stock cooler,Hercules AIW 9800se using softmod drivers,audigy card,my cpu temps have gone up quite a bit recently for no reason i can see.Normally it runs at 37-45 idle,and 47-52 full load,and now its about 55 idle,60-67 full load,any...
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    Windows wont boot up file missing

    When starting my pc up(WINDXPRRO),it says windows root/system32/ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt please reinstall this file.Cant get into safe mode or anything,tryed the recovery console using the digital tutorial to try & fix it but it still didnt work so i had to format &...
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    Hercules 9800se AIW tv tuner probs help

    :mad: i have a hercules 9800se aiw card,i have the latest drivers for the card,i have connected a aerial up to the card but when i click in tv it goes blank,but when i click on the settings tab the input device list is only giving me 2 options..either svideo/composite.But looking on the ati help...
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    Windows 98se problema

    got win98 on my fathers pc,no virus's on pc(ran latest version of stinger),got NAV2003 installed & nav firewall,ran adware and window washer,when the pc starts theres a dos box saying its loading Match or Matchli then pc works ok for approx 20 seconds then nothing will open it just sits there...