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    it has been 2 years!

    hello, how are you guys! my last login Welcome, Octopus. You last visited: March 23rd, 2005 at 9:21am Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 0. good to see this site is running still:)...I have forgotten many members but I still remember that Sazar who made me pick up ATI 9700pro...
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    how can I remove the windows flag?

    from both,the explorer and IE?
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    problem with "My Pictures" folder...sp2 related problem

    whenever I add pictures to "my pictures" desktop tab becomes full of wallpapers(right click on desktop---properties---desktop tab) is there a way to disable that?
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    Test your knowledge

    In this game you'll be presented with 10 randomly selected word origin or word definition puzzles to solve; in each case the word or phrase is highlighted in bold, and a number of possible answers will be presented. You need to choose the correct answer to score a point for that question...
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    has anyone managed to run YahooPops?

    I am behind a proxy and I can't recieve anything edited: I get this(if Secure Password Authentication is enabled) Unable to logon to the server using Secure Password Authentication. Account: 'localhost', Server: 'localhost', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION...
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    What is the usefulness of News Headlines forum?

    that's it..only 3dmark03 is nice(and it should be in the games or software section) I suggest changing it to something else
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    If you had one wish that would come true what would it be?

    I want a time machine to take back to the 80' current life sucks and boring..I am in the present but my mind is in the past.
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    The Information Thread

    This thread is meant only for useful info (not spam ) I know some fact if you know any don't hesitate to tell us or if I am mistaken correct my info. 1)Do you know why Italian sport color is light blue instead of Red-White-Green ? The (light) blue is the color of Savoia(one of the oldest...
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    fans covered with dust

    does this effect the perfomance?
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    what is the best theme out there?

    I am using ChaNinja's but I am getting bored is there something hot and new?
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    Breed Demo "BETA" Is Out

    first DX9 game download links I barely managed to pass the Recommended settings (1500MHZ 640MB ram and ati 9700pro) if ATI 9700pro gives bad perfomance...I will rip off...
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    Fraps 1.9D is out

    Fraps is a free utility for DirectX and OpenGL games. It can best be described as: # benchmarking software - see framerates on screen and log them to file. Calculate the average framerate between any two points. # screen capture software - take screenshots at the press of a button with files...
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    System Information shows me wrong info about RAM

    I have 640 as a total,but System Information says that I have 128MB as a total physical memory and 382MB as available physical memory! 2x 256MB plus 2x 64MB do you think I should remove the two sticks of 64MB? other programs show 640MB as a Aida or Sandra
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    cannot view System Information

    when I want to open it "Help and Support Center" appears you know what causes this?
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    After I added more ram..3dmark03 low score

    system specifications: P4 1500MHZ 256MB rdram ATI 9700pro RESULT above 4000 points and today I added more ram so my pc specs became P4 1500MHZ 640MB rdram ATI 9700pro RESULT only 1000 points why is this?I get low FPS in the second test (around 10 max) I have 256MB x2 plus 64MB...
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    what is the best "abandonware games" site?

    and no warez:)
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    Hulk demo is out demo at 3dgamers or worthplaying now it's the time to test ATI 9700pro with cell shading:)
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    Help me to remember old cartoons names

    I was taking a shower and in all sudden they came back to my head! 1)the first cartoon was about a young hero with an arch he uses it without arrows,once he decides to shoot someone an arrow appears from nowhere...he has 2 friends ,a guy with a hammer and his second one is a young boy deals...
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    "SCREENS"Deus Ex: The Invisible War

    from the pics I can tell that this game won't do that much( the game's pics is like quake3)..there are Doom III,Stalker,HL 2 and Breed coming out what does this game have to offer:huh: ?
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    should I buy Sound Blaster Audigy?

    I don't know what I will be getting in games with EAX enabled.should I go for it?or is there a budget card that has everything for games?