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    SATA and XP Pro SP1

    Hi Guys, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.Been quite sometimes since I last did my posts. I am going to buy a new system just to support the present one in my office now.Its cheap, damn cheap but come with no OS.I intend to install XP Pro SP1 into it.The problem is ( for me ) this thing comes with...
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    between avi and mpeg2

    I just need some quick answers regarding the topic above.Which is better in term of video quality , avi or mpeg2 ? Thanks
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    TVisto 3500

    Firstly , I don't know whether this is the correct forum to go. Anyway. anyone out there have Metal Galaxy's TVisto 3500 ? I just received mine, but could not get it to work.Been trying to update the firmware but I can't.Everytime I turned...
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    Nero and DVD drives

    Just a question here.I've got a pc with dvd drive which I bought many years ago and installed Nero 5.5 which I also had bought seperately and been running fine for many years. Recently I wanted to upgrade my drive (d/layer,and speed) bought a drive (LG brand) and it came with a bundled Nero...
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    To Vista or not ?

    Pardon me to ask this sort of question.With all the feedbacks we can read on the net , I am a bit confused whether to Vista or not.I know my PC specs is more than enough for Vista , I uses more for e mails, surfing and work , doesn't play games on it.Only always concern regarding speed , though...
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    Made new PC but slow

    Hi Guys, I made a new PC last week but seems to be running very slow.I need some opinions.See the specs. AMD Sempron 3.0 DDR2 1.50 Gb Memory 400Mhz Motherboard PC Partner RX480AK7-A69X Socket 754 256 DDR2 PCIe Vid card Win XP Pro Software installed: Microsoft Works / Dreamweaver MX / Photoshop 7...
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    Vista and Dreamweaver

    Has anyone has any problem running Dreamweaver with Vista ? My Dreamweaver seem to be a little slower or refuse to respond.Crashes a few times Dreamweaver MX by the way....
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    Dreamweaver 6 problems

    Today I started to have this " javascript exception throw in native function " appeared everytime when I tried to edit in my new site and then Dreamweaver just hang there. Searched the internet and managed to find some answers " delete H-Users Keys....... etc etc" but doesn't suit my problems...
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    Dialogue Box Font oversized

    I don't know what happened....suddenly the fonts on my dialogue box has grown up to 2 inches !! Can someone help me where I could go and adjust it back to normal size ?
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    MP3 to MPEG4 converter

    What software do I need to convert mp3 to mpeg4 audio ? Can someone suggest - free if possible !:nervous:
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    Java script coding

    Hi Guys, I got this website owner who wants me to do some changes to her site. If you go here : and click on the ' compute chart ' button you will see some end results.What she wanted me to do is to colorized the tables ; for example "Earth (Wu)" color...
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    cannot right click in Firefox

    I have Firefox installed and dunno what wrong had I done , now I can't right click and save image with it.I've tried with IE and it is working well..I assumed its not my mouse must be with the Firefox's settings...but could not find it. Need help.
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    Need a new card suggestion

    I think I'm in need of a new card.- AGP - ( I don't have PCI-e ) I don't mind spending for a 256 or a 512 Mb - I don't play games , mostly surfing , some photo editing , watching videos or DVD and working with CAD or 3D - house design/planning. I need some suggestions here...too many cards to...
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    PSU enough power ?

    My specs : Win Xp Pro / AMD Athlon 2.4 / 1.5 DDR PC 2700 memory / 2 IDE hard disk / nVidia FX 5200 card /DVD-RW Drive...yeah only that. PSU is 350 watt - does it has enough power to drive all these ? I notice lately too much or too fast mouse clicks will auto reboot - cleaned all heatsinks and...
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    batch convert image program

    Does anyone knows what software to use when doing batch conversion of thumbnails with drop shadow effect ? I tried searching in IrfanView and Photoshop 7 , but I don't think they have it. Anyone ?
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    Dell RT7040 wireless multimedia keyboard

    My PC is not a Dell but was given the above mentioned keyboard , can Windows accept it and where can I download the drivers..went to Dell's website but no avail..anyone ?
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    nVidia FX 5200 problem

    I just bought a new nVidia FX 5200 256 DDR and connected to my IBM's Thinkvision 17" LCD , but the after installing my desktop turned yellowish.I went through nvidia's control applet and even the monitor's osd trying to change it to normal colour but seems I can't. Any reasons for this ?? when I...
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    can't install XP

    got some parts and trying to put together today...thinking it would be the same as this is not my first, third or eighth pc that i've built...but then something went wrong.. used the start up disk until disk 6 - then Windows requested to insert the CD into the drive - drive turn a few seconds...
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    Help! to recover deleted OE mail !!

    Aaarrgghh!!! Help ! I accidentally deleted business e mails from my wife's OE !!Now she's angry !!! help !!how to recover !
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    Install XP in different language

    I'm buying a laptop from Dell and since I live in Japan , the laptop would come with a pre installed XP Home or Pro of my choice but it would be in Japanese OS. Is it possible for me to format and fresh install it with an English language XP like I'm using it now on my desktop.And if I do so ...