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    Need Ability to Control Pages Viewed While Online Tests are Taken Remotely

    My company needs the ability to control pages viewed while online tests are taken remotely. I was thinking that an java program or some type of applet can load to handle this situation. Are there any program that we can load with the test or some other solution. Thanks for any input Andrew
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    Paperless Environment

    Is there a way to insert a file into multiple folders. Recently were have moved to a paperless environment and maintainance is proving to be quite cumbersome. I have a document that all folders in the online file cabinet need to have. Any help would be great Thanks Andrew Toro
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    E-mail notification

    Currently I have three mail accounts for which I can pop into. Yet my mobile device will not auto recieve these e-mails. As a result I want to have a notification sent my way via SMS to tell me which account has recieved an email. I have played around with rules in outlook yet I have not found a...
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    Data Recovery

    I am not to familiar with data recovery for files that have been purposely deleted, and was wondering if there are any programs that can help me out. Ok anything I could possibly do Thanks Toro
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    Ipconfig /renew

    Are there any utilities that will force an ipconfig /renew, I am having trouble getting a different IP. -ANdrew
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    Xp no boot - Registry problems

    Whenever I boot into my XP Pro PC I get a Registry File Failure, are there any tools or procedure I can go thru to fix this error Toro
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    Formatting Word Document with Macros

    Scripting Help: Formatting Word Document with Macros I finally have the oportunity to use Macros in Word and I am at a stopping point because of subtle difference in the ways entries are place in a document that i recieve from a company. I use a macro to search for all instances of a phrase...