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    network lags

    at home, my computers are in a network through a d-link di804 router and it is pretty laggy. i cant transfer files in explorer or browse the other computer, it takes too long time! i click on a folder and about 20 second later it shows up. i also checked my router settings, but i cant see...
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    counter on files?

    hello im running sambar server on a computer at home, and i need to check how many times a file has been downloaded, or start checking that. how can i code this? thanks
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    wierd network problem

    i have a serious problem. when my compaq armada m700 is connected directly to an xdsl or cable modem the network works fine. but if its connected to a router or hub the connection is highly unstable. it drops every fifth minute and then connects again after 2-3 minutes. ive done...
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    network problem under win xp

    ive got a big problem, when i connect my laptop (compaq armada m700) to a LAN it sometimes says "a network cable is disconnected" but when i pull it out, then at first it makes an annoying sound and says the same thing. but when im at home there is no problem. the networks dosent differs from...
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    wierd msn prob

    my friend and i have a wierd msn prob. we cant send files to each other, well, very slow... both have broadband and i can recive and send files very quick to other msn users but not to him. any thoughts?
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    installing apps question

    i have my xp pro installed on my d: disk, but i dont want to install any programs there. i want it on the f: disk, wich is very much larger. how can i make a default setting for every install program to install to f: by default? is it possible? thanks.
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    big problem with my h-d

    i couldnt find any forum section that fitted my problem.. but i hope somone can help me anyway. i have a big problem with my 80gig maxtor disk. im running on my new 120 seagate now.. when i tried to install win xp on the 80gig maxtor disk i tried to use the built in partition manager in...
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    internet explorer annoying problem

    ive got a very annoying problem in my internet explorer.. an error window that wants to do a debugging appears all the time. when i load a site or taking my mouse over something... always. cant visit a single website without this prob. anyone got any ideas?? thanks
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    delete messenger 4.7?

    how do i delete msn messenger 4.7? i want it out of my computer so i can install messenger 5... thanks
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    wierd msn sound prob

    i dont hear a sound when i recive a messege, mail or such thing on msn anymore. i had all sounds in windows turned off until yesterday when i put all on again. in all settings, it says that all sounds is on and the checkbox in msn is also turned on! anyone know anything that may help? thanks
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    msn+kazaa=no good

    why does msn keep login me out while im running kazaa? only happens when i run kazaa and msn at the same time...
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    probs with msn behind router

    im using a zyxel router and isdn... when i try to send a file over msn it fails, but if i connect via 56k whitout the router it works fine. is there any way to get it to work?
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    delete msn messenger

    How do i delete Msn Messenger 4.7? I have MSN5 and before that i had uninstalled msn 4.7 but when i installed office xp it came back...): so... how do i delete msn 4.7 whitout erasing 5?
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    How do I run scandisk in xp prof?
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    NFS5 Porsche

    When im driving nfs5 in win xp it freezes. But only when i come to a specific track. It happends both under "Factory driver" and "Evolution". Anybody knows anything that may help me? (It freezes and after 5-8sec it will auto-shutdown)
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    Intel or AMD

    Wich is best?
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    Auto redirect

    If i´ve changed my adress to another site, how can i make my old site automaticly redirect those visitors to my new site?
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    HTML prob

    Whats the code to make a default text in the status bar when moving the mouse over a link? ex: i want to ho to "my site" and when i move the mouse over the link "my site", in the status bar it says "http://bla-bla-bla.bla" but i want it to say "my site" even there. And can i make a standard for...
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    app for generating bass tones

    Is there an application for generating really low bass tones? I would like to test my subwoofer, but not with a "woofer-test sound file". (if the file contains very much bass, then i like it...) thanks
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    Nero express

    I downloaded the newest nero and that version includes nero express, everybody knows that. But if i want the classical look and functions that was in the old version of nero, how do i do then?