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  1. dere

    Audio Conversion Software

    Looking for some suggestions for some free or cheap audio conversion software. I need to be able to convert mp4 to wma and wma to mp3. Those are the main things that it must do. I was using Switch as a trail version but the trail ran out and I figured I would see if I could find something...
  2. dere

    Limiting Web Surfing in IE

    I need to set up IE6 so that users can only go to one specific website, eg. . I know that you can allow and block specific websites but I do not know exactly how to go about this to block everything but the one. I do not want the users to be able to go anywhere else.
  3. dere

    Upgrading PC on a tiny budget

    I am gonna do some upgrades to my computer and had a question. I am going to upgrade my motherboard, processor, and power supply. I am wondering what would be the best bang for my buck. I am wanting to stay under $300.00. AMD is a must. I have found this Motherboard & CPU Combo w/ Athlon...
  4. dere

    Dirt Cheap WebHosting

    Can anyone give me some ideas for some really cheap webhosting? I have to be able to have 2 domains (1 as an add-on is fine) and would prefer unlimited pop3. Mysql is a must but I only need a couple DBs. I currently have a VPS but the wife has pulled out the whip and is making me cut back on...
  5. dere

    Post Number 100

    Well, Well. I only took me four years but I have finally hit the 100 post mark. Hooray for me heh. :laugh:
  6. dere

    Windows XP Pro Network Connections Issue

    I have just moved and went to change some of my network settings and ran across an interesting issue. When I open the control panel and click on the Network Connections icon it goes dim and will not open. I have checked the system for any virus or spyware files but have found nothing. I ran...
  7. dere

    Futurama is coming back...

    Looks like Comedy Central has inked a deal to air at least 13 new episodes of Futurama. I for one could not be more thrilled about this. Futurama was one of the funniest, most intellegent cartoons out there. I love the humor.
  8. dere

    VPS server

    Anyone know of a company that offers a decently priced VPS service that allows irc access and has good support? I am not getting very good support with the company I am with now. IRC access and at least 2 ip addresses is a must. I am currently paying around $22.00 and do not want to go...
  9. dere

    Webmin Modules

    I have been looking for a website(s) that has a good listing of modules for webmin. I am mainly looking for a module that will allow me to set up forwards for email and such. I have found one on but it costs. Any other possible useful modules for webmin would be a plus...
  10. dere

    Rebuilding Server

    I am redoing my server and have been using Redhat EL 3. I am looking at a couple things and was trying to get some suggestions. I am thinking of using one of the following OS's and wondered if anyone had any thought of which they liked the best. Centos 4 - Fedora Core 3.0 - Fedora Core 4.0...
  11. dere

    Apple Moving Away from Macs?

    An interesting read if I must say. "A research analyst has predicted that Apple Computer Inc. will continue to transform as a company, and that in 2006 the company likely will move away from its Mac core and build instead on leveraging the success of the iPod." Full Story...
  12. dere

    Your Privacy at Stake

    This right here makes me really wonder about our freedoms in America. Federal Agency Nixes Your Right to Privacy Sounds like some middle of the night type tactics. Oh wait, I guess it was.
  13. dere

    Looking for a graphic file

    I am looking for a windows logo graphic that makes the windows appear to be broken. If anyone has seen something like this please let me know where to look. Thanks
  14. dere

    Internet Explorer Issue

    I have been trying for a while to figure this issue out. If I change my homepage, after a bit it returns to the MSN page. I have checked it using hi-jack this and found nothing out of the ordinary. Run ad-aware and spybot several times a day, nothing there. The exact page it reverts to...
  15. dere

    question about phpbb

    Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to allow users to enter custom user text like on here. I have been looking at phpbb and have not seen that option. Just curious.
  16. dere

    Desktop Calender

    I am not sure if this is the correct area for this but I am going to put it here anyway. I was noticing that on a lot of the desktop pictures that people send they have calenders on them. I have looked around and found a couple but they all stay in the foreground, another words you can see em...
  17. dere

    Close call with Artic Silver III

    I am sitting at work and kinda bored so I decided to cruise over to to check out the Artic Silver III Thermal Compund. Upon reading the instructions I was stunned. The very first precaution it showed was not to put the compound into your mouth. If I had not been bored enough to...
  18. dere

    Avatar making

    What are some good programs for making animated avatars? I might want to use some scenes from movies and such but really dunno what I am gonna make yet. Just curious as to what would be the good stuff to use.
  19. dere

    New Motherboard and CPU Suggestions

    Ok, I am about to get a new motherboard and cpu. I know that the cpu will be an AMD but am not sure which motherboard I want to get yet. All three of my current systems have ECS motherboards which I have had no problems with. I am thinking of possibly getting a Asus for this one though. I...
  20. dere

    New Family Member

    Since I have been showing everyone else my newest family member, I figured that I would show her off to you all too. She is 9 weeks old and can get away with anything she wants (I am not saying she is spoiled or anything :) ) Have a good evening...