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    thoughts on new monitor?

    Funny I found this thread. Just about an hour ago, I received my dell 2005FPW. This sucker is amazing, purely amazing. My CRT for 4 1/2 years went out not long ago. My backup monitor showed similar symptoms of blurryness, so I had to make a decision about the monitor. After reading up on a...
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    Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Platinum

    iyawetnag8odbadsfgasmetlw34ketj In other words: OMGOSH! IT WORKED! THANKS! There were several folders, one being Audio. Under that folder was each feature that worked on the Platinum package, one being the remote. I ran the install in that folder and viola! w00t!! Unwonted, muchos gracias senior!
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    AVG problem

    I had this problem also; it was done checking emails, not still scanning them, hence the grey box with no information on what it's scanning. Grisoft obviously fixed this because it has not happened for me for a few weeks (changed nothing except for updating AVG).
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    Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Platinum

    I've got a slight dilema that's been around for a few years, but I figured I'll get off my lazy butt and do something about it: I bought a SB Live 5.1 card about 4 or 5 years ago when I built my PIII machine. A few years later, I purchased the Platinum extension from a person who no longer...
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    Firefox Bookmark Right Click

    Admiral Michael: I tried the profile thing, it worked until I made changes to the Bookmarks toolbar. Maybe doing clean install of FF (uninstall, delete all files under \Documents and Settings\ and under \Program Files\). Doing this helped clear some of the issues I had with extensions, in...
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    Firefox Bookmark Right Click

    I had this exact problem. It has something to do with your bookmarks toolbar. I can't remember exactly what the solution was, but I think the items were moved onto the bookmarks toolbar that shouldn't have been moved there, like the URL bar. Reset everything as it was when FF was installed and...
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    Burning Software

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    My Bios Won't recover!!!!!!

    I've suffered similar problems. The board is an ASUS P4P8X. I flashed the BIOS like the ASUS site instructed and then it all began. I can't get the board to do anything. I've tried everything that was suggested on this forum, but nothing! So much for a crash free bios, eh? Any suggestions...
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    CDONTS problem on Windows Server 2003

    Another update on that: The firewall held 17 open for a while, until the next morning. So the server apparently went through a 'refresh' and closed 17. I added the port again and the next day, probably around the same time, the server 'refreshed' again with this new setting and now CDONTS...
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    CDONTS problem on Windows Server 2003

    Ok, this was a little odd, but I'll 'splain. I checked out this thread: The 2nd post mentioned firewall, and then it clicked. My companies dedicated server is using the Windows Firewall. So I immediately RDP into the server and...
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    CDONTS problem on Windows Server 2003

    RickyC: Thanks for the input, but I've already tried that tutorial. The only other option I have is to disable the 8bit MIME, but I don't see how that affects the "Permission denied" error that I am getting. I'm not entirely up for making the changes that MS listed to disable this, but I may...
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    CDONTS problem on Windows Server 2003

    The company I work for was using CDONTs on our Windows 2000 Server for over 4 years, but we have just moved over to a new web host. Since we moved to a new host and got a new dedicated server, it has Windows 2003 Server SE. The problem is that 2003 uses CDOSYS and not CDONTS, but it is possible...
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    make pics look like poloroids

    themafia: If you're looking to take single pictures and make them each a polaroid, you can create a batch script in Paint Shop Pro and simply run the script on multiple files. However, since you may be cropping different areas of a picture to fit the size of a polaroid, it may be difficult to...
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    Is My system good enough?

    I did some searching, it appears that this is a memory chipset from ATI, not a video processor. Do you have any paperwork from the laptop when you purchased it? If so, check it; if not...
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    Toughest Game You've played

    One game that my best friend and I burned about $50 in quarters on (over time, not in one sitting) was Metal Slug 2. We got so far and it just got so out of hand! Man I love that game!
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    Toughest Game You've played

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    osnn photo contest

    Being the animal lover that I am, I have a lot of pics of my pets. The links below were quickly thrown onto my wife's art site ( if you're interested) and they comprise some of my favorite pics of my pets. I condensed the list because I just didn't want to make it too long :)...
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    de_prodigy is out!!!!!!! source

    W000000000000000000000T! Noticed that Steam was downloading stuff, then I saw it say about 2 mins remaining. I raised my brow and clicked on Update news, and to my surprise, DE_PRODIGY!! WOOOOOOO!
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    It's me burfday

    Happy birthday!! w00t!
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    just to start some trouble (*warning*politics)

    The "exit poll strategists" still say the polls were correct. Many polls leading to the election had Kerry in the lead and many on election day had him in the lead. Fact: They were wrong. Opinion: They were wanting to give the appearance that Kerry was winning. In one case, the LA Times...