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    New Tweak ! ! !

    fujism LIVES
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    The Person Above Me

    The person above me is violent
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    Who is this chick

    Oh now he's saying that its close enough because his wife looks just like the picture :/ I don't think he ever expected anyone to find out who it really was :)
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    Who is this chick

    Thank you very much. I had a dude trying to tell me that its his wife and I knew better. I just needed a name. :rolleyes:
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    Who is this chick

    Anyone know for sure who this is?
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    pics of your PC lighting?

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    DVD's not being recognized

    The DVD Troubleshooter is a joke and only goes through the basics. I dont think there would be a problem with the laser since the drive isnt really that old and has not been used much. It does show up as a DVD player in My Computer and works just fine for everything but a DVD. I tried...
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    DVD's not being recognized

    Whoops I thought my system specs was in my sig (I for got I changes it). Anyway I am using XP Pro. I will try to uninstall the IDE channel and see what happens. Thanks
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    DVD's not being recognized

    I have no idea whats going on here but my DVD player will recognize everything but a DVD. I have tried new DVD's and DVD's that I have played in it before. It's been a few months since I watched a DVD on it so I have no idea if its from some software that I installed or what. I have also tried a...
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    Grand Rapids Car Show Pictures

    You do know that they dont make the camaro anymore dont you? Anyway that GT is one bada$$ car.
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    OMG that was just plain boring.
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    ü How???

    I know how to do ° :)
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    ü How???

    How do I go about typing typing the 2 dots above the u like this one that I copied ü ??????
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    Funny Game

    stupid people stealing my letters
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    Google Alphabet

    LOL at P
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    in need of money

    Dont take this the wrong way but I'm guessing you're about 16. Before I got into building and fixing my own computers, I would have never hired anyone as young as you to do the job for me (definitly not at 40 bux an hour). I think your best bet at fast cash would be mowing and shoveling...
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    in need of money

    Ill open the bid at $5
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    in need of money

    Sell a ghost cane or grilled cheese on ebay :D
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    How to mute MP3 while line in is used

    Heres the deal, I do recording off of a scanner radio onto my computer. The software that I use for the scanner radio will only open the line in on the computer when there is a transmission. If I have a mp3 or cd playing I would like it to mute the mp3 or cd only when the scanner is transmitting...
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    Woman sells father's ghost on eBay

    LOL now whos the freak?